Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Unity in Malankara Orthodox Church. Georgian Mirror Special Issue


Isaac said...

Was Peter the Head of the Apostles-
Fact or Myth?

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Isaac Joseph.K.

Samji said...

Part 1 The Primacy of St. Peter as "head of Apostles" had always been taught by Syrian orthodox/Jacobites in their church; which is Contrary to Jesus Christ's teachings!
This "Primacy“ is Man made by twisting the meanings of Verses In Scripture, so as to suite one's need and an answer to Man's greed to exert authority over his fellow being! Luke 9:46-48, 22:24-26, and mark 9:33-37. if we read and learn carefully we can understand what as Jesus Christ taught his disciples! Mathew 16:19 is really mean like this "Peter your faith is like rock, and on this like faith I will build my Church"! One needs a faith as hard as rock in order to establish Christ's church!(deep Faith In Christ as son of Eternal Living One True GOD)Keys of Kingdom of Heaven:-Peter was given the authority to admit entrance to Kingdom Of Heaven through Preaching the GOSPEL ,But The same was Subsequently given /granted all apostles who were called to proclaim the gospel(refer John 20:21-23 and Mathew 20:18-20)
Jesus knew all his apostles(except Iscariot) had that faith! That is the unique reason Why Jesus Christ told his disciples "go and preach the gospel to all nations and make disciples of them" Which implies that Jesus Christ 'Authenticated' all his disciples to establish his church to glorify God In all nations! (mathew28:19-20) Jesus Christ did not make Peter an overseer/head over the churches established by other disciples !Peter in Greek language is Petros (Stone) which is related to PETRA(rock) but not rock itself ! Jesus’s statement (response) did not mean that Peter would have greater authority than other apostles of Christ! Simon Peter, James and John were known as pillars of early church(Gal 2:9)
St. John 21:15,16,17,this not an authority Jesus gave to Simon Peter, but, directive, on his 3rd appearance on the shore, at sea of Tiberius (Galilee). The same kind of address, is being used By The beloved Disciple/apostle John to whom Jesus entrusted mother Mary, in his epistle 1 John 2:12,2:13,2:14 All apostles are equal and they have same authority and position! Mother Mary and All brothers(cousin) ofJesus prayed together with Disciples/apostles after Acension of Jesus into heaven prior to Pentacost when holy Spirit appeared in tounges of fire among disciples on Pentacost Day!(acts 1:14)

Samji said...

Part 2 St John in gospel also mention about Simon Peter shall be called as Cephas (St. John 1:43) which is translated as a Stone! The Chief corner stone is being Christ and apostles/prophets being stones of foundations the Church(of God) is built(Ephesians 2:20). More over The “Rock” represents Christ in Bible!In The Old Testament Rock was represented by The Lord /Jehova!
The Psalmist often addresses the Lord/ Yehova as “my Rock”! St. Peter is not another rock like Christ! The rock that gave water to Israel in desert was Jesus Christ(Corinth 10:4)
Peter was given the authority to admit entrance into Kingdom of Heaven through preaching gospel and baptizing everybody (who believes in Christ) ! This authority was subsequently granted to all who are proclaiming gospel in early church! St. Peter first preached among Jews and then to gentile. However St. Paul was given the work among gentiles ,while Peter ,James and John among old Israel/jews(Gal,2:9).Although St.Peter appears to be the spokesman of early Church ,he was sent by apostles to Samaria(acts8:-14)and Peter has to give an account of his actions to Jerusalem Church!(acts11-1-18).Peter was represented only one voice at Jerusalem council (acts15:7-21)James (the brother of Jesus) has the decisive final word! St.James was the first Bishop of Jerusalem the mother Church! Jesus appeared to many disciples(more than500) and especially to James( cousin brother of Jesus) after his resurrection (1 Corin. 15:7) . Again St.Paul (saul)and Barnabas were ordained in Antioch by certain teachers and prophets called Simon Niger,Lucius of Cyerene and Manaen(raised with Herod Antipas; Acts 13:1-3).Saul and Barnabas who came from Jerusalem ,preached, taught the Antiochean Christians among other things-true worship/Liturgy(Acts 11:22-26).It was also due to the team work of St.Paul and Barnabas for more than a period of one year the followers of Christ were known as Christians(Acts 11:26)
Jesus Christ, the eternal High Priest granted his priesthood to his disciples /apostles which was not converged through St.Peter or his successors alone in church!

(this my comments were published before/earlier in ICON/Orthodox Sabha/MOSC forums)

Samji said...

Dear All
Those Jacobites People Who claim to be SYRIAN CHRISTIAN OF ANTIOCH/followers of Throne in Antioch does not understand in the real sense How Christ established his Church on earth!They never followed the truth!Let us pray to God Almighty to show them the Truth!

George said...

We know th real face of kanjikuzhy sabha..50 years jesus achen served puthupally church and we know what has happened atlast...also we know these peace loving catholicos group did against the deadbody of our beloved ones in Kadeesha church..Paulose catholica urged his group to create problems against jacobites in northern kerala especially in Ernakulam.We know this intention for peace..or in simple words we can understand the hidden agenda of idayanal, issac etc

pallykkappyar said...

Sahotharanmaare Gurukkanmare....Nammal ethra kaalam ingane thammiladickum? Oru varshamo? 10 varshamo? Maranam vareyo? Atho maranaananthara bahumathi pole, thalamura thalamurayaayo? Moothathu pathrikkeeso, catholicayo, pathroso, paulosoo, thomaso aarenkilumakatte. Oru nalla sathya kristhyani ennna nilayil parasparam kuttam parayunna pani iniyenkilum namukku nirthikkoode???

rajanthomas said...

Dear George
Please stop your allegations!It is not Orthodox group used The deadbody of orphan for bargaining purposes/ safeguarding the selfish interest of your church or people!It is not MOSC priest Who went Celeberate Holy Qurbana ,hiding the knife in own robs and in Holy Altar!All evil and barbaric actions in the holy place are done/ conducted by your Church and Heirarchy including Hiring of Killers or murderers using charity money to hire them and killing innocent people by hired killers and hiding them in sacred places like Manjinikkara! first of all try to correct yourselves!

rajanthomas said...

Dear Pallikappyar,
although the Malankara Nazranis are divided and seperated the question here is this are we Both following Christ?If we really follow Christ there is no more disputes or conflicts in the Church!However We are neglecting or betraying Christ in everyday lifefor Self Glory and Power who are only seeking the glory of This World!
So we are not followers of Christ!if we follow Christ.Peace and love is there among Malankara Nazranis!

eldhose said...




rajanthomas said...

Dear Eldhose
stop your nonsenses !You always talk baseless facts and nonsenses as if Jacobites in Malankara are so Sacred and innocent!First try to be a Christian by your acts and faith to others! MOSC is not trying to make you good people!

Evolution said...

Dear Samji and others, please do not be arrogant to my comments coz they are not meant to be. What you are telling is very correct that Jesus himself never proclaimed any one of his disciples as superior to other. Even in the old testament prophet Samuel was reluctant to the request of Jews to ordain a King for them, as it is the case with all nations( Samuel, chapter 8). He was reluctant because he believed by the hand of prophet the rule of god happens and Kings could lead to dictatorship which will turn heavy in future. As we believe even prophets are fallible, it could be also because he wanted power in his and his posterity. Whatever be the case, rule of a king was disliked by god in old testament. Coming to new testament Jesus himself denied rule by any of his disciples . Let us go through Mathew, chapter 20 verses 25-28 ''But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and they that are great exercise authority upon them.
But it shall not be so among you: but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister;

And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant:

Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.
All of these clearly states that in Christian churches there shall not be any one to rule but only the spiritual leadership is given to a hand, prophet in old testament and the apostles in new testament. Now for the spiritual leadership, it is clearly mentioned in new testament who was chosen to lead his sheep by Jesus which is already mentioned by the Roman catholics and the Syriac Christians quoting bible a thousand times and I do not want to mention it again. The Syriac Orthodox churche's doctrine of Petrine supremacy was not an aftermath of the conflict in Malankara. It was the churches faith from centuries. The song used in Syriac orthodox marriage '' Upamakalal'' states that Jesus gave the leadership of rule of house to ''simon'' and the leadership of Gospel to '' Yohannan'', which knowingly or unknowingly still used by people who are against Petrine supremacy. Now if the supremacy of peter is used as power of a King then it should be protested as per the Bible for sure, but if it is only spiritual then what is the problem in it. I have never read in bible where Jesus asking to stand against foreign rule (You must be remembering what was Jesus himself said when asked by pharisee whether it is right to render taxes to Caesar, at that time Jews were under the rule of Rome). He was never for worldly power. Those who wear the vestments of High priests of his church and thinking about worldly power are not and never will be his rightful successor; whether it be Roman catholic pope, Syriac orthodox patriarch or Indian Orthodox Catholicose. More over it will not go with Christianity to capture churches against a large majority of faithful with the power of court order. There are many things which can not be decided over civil courts ( You may remember the court order on Ayodhya). Please be realistic and unbiased on your thinking.

ak said...

orthodox karude pallikalil qurbanaku 4amathe thubden vayikarille. athonnum sredikkarundavillale. slehenmaril thalavanmaraya mor pathrosineyum...................