Friday, June 24, 2011

Dr Mar Seraphim to address Bengaluru IT fellowship meet on June 26

BENGALURU -- Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim, Metropolitan of Bangalore Diocese, will give direction to the monthly fellowship meeting of the Orthodox IT employees in the Bangalore Region on June 26 at the St Gregorious Cathedral, Hosur Road. Techies from the IT world despite their stressful work culture will come together to lead a small Bible Study group this coming Sunday.
Dr Mar Seraphim, head of Bangalore Diocese Metropolitan, will also be present to co-ordinate the over a hour-long meeting. The fellowship meeting will be seen as a get-together essentially to bring them (IT professionals) into the mainstream, says Dr Mar Seraphim.
The Metropolitan is personally taking active interest towards canvassing the professionals to attend the meeting. Prior announcements have already been made in all the 7 Bengaluru Orthodox churches by the respective vicars.
Orthodox IT professionals from leading companies having their bases in Bengaluru and being part of the Orthodox churches in the city are expected to take part. Slowly, the group is expected to include a wide spectrum of professionals from other fields.
Earlier, the fellowship for techies involved those from the IBM which had met on several occasions. Around this time, a need was urgently felt to bring together all other company personnel under the fellowship. This later became what is now called the Fellowship for Orthodox IT employees in Bangalore Region.

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