Saturday, March 31, 2012

Managing Committee Nomination

Managing Committee Nomination
Decision of 1947  Managing Committee Meeting. Malankarasabha, 1123 Chingam: 1 2
A Suggestion of Leju P. Thomas. Bethel Pathrika, 2012 Jan.

Working Committee: Election & Nomination.

Pl. See the changes and Comment.

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Thomas Chandy said...

Provision for nomination as envisaged by the great Church leaders who framed the constitution has been mutilated over a long period of time.This mutilation of constitution happened directly in proportion to the tyrany of episcopacy that has creapt into the Church body.

Power shold be used by Church leadership in such a way as to augment the resources of Church,not for accomodating sychophants and hangers on.Deserving persons shouldnot be dropped merely because some powerful persons do not like their face.

Rules Commetee should address the probloem and frame some norms for nominations