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Sheep Stealing through Marriage by Catholic Church from Orthodox - Jacobite Churches.

Sheep Stealing through Marriage by Catholic Church from Orthodox - Jacobite Churches. Mangalam News (2011 Nov. 16).


Aiby said...

I belong to Malankara JSOC and mine was an inter church marriage (from syro malabar church). Eventhough both churches allows their sheeps to follow their own faith after wedding, it does not have any guidelines wrt the children which is a serious problem. The children will be in a dilemma about which faith to follow. The difference in theology among both churches is evident. Apparantly syro-malabar and RC (latin church)churches have a clear and crisp system to keep their flock in their own fold. Due to faction feuds and court cases for over a centuary, we (SOC and OSC) have lost the bonding between parish, parishers and church. Children are not educated about the history of the church, about theology etc. Hence in the long run, Catholics (east/west) would be better off with the Agreement.


svs said...

Dear aiby,

according to my view may be wrong or right.

Actually in both Josc & Osc only few peoples are making problems because some other church members politicians are playing between two churches. because they want to make their seats perfectly

There is no fight between the churches. many orthodox or Jacobite peoples are interested to marry each other.

Aiby said...

Dear SVS,

My point was not about JSOC and IOC faithful creating problems within church. As the topic was about sheep stealing by RC (both East and west), I am really concerned about the Agreement with the Roman Catholic churches. These agreements would be beneficial for them in the long run. RC leaders (spiritual?) have a clear roadmap on how to grow their children in their faith and keep them in their fold. Thus inter-church marriages agreements will help them to follow their faith and eventually steal the next generation into their fold.

Thomas Chandy said...

A fair minded agreement should be that the girl should join the boys church in the event of a marriage between 2 persons belonging to different churches.The girl joins the boys family by marriage(unless it is a Dathu,ie if the girl is a lone child of her parents,the boy joins her at her ancestral house.Such a practise was common earlier ,but not somuch today)
The couples are to be in union in all matters-that is what the sacrament of matrimony calls upon them.So how can they follow different liturgies?

nitu said...

Does any one know whether they have made any further progress in their discussion? i mean about the marriage between catholics and orthodox