Wednesday, November 14, 2012

An Article about the growth of outside Kerala Parishes by Kora Cherian

An Article about the growth of outside Kerala Parishes by Kora Cherian


vincent said...

Korah Cheriyan :your article is Good ! but now because of young generation /english speaking generation of youth <Liturgy in English is good ,but some priests when there are no Young generation/english speaking children are not on sunday worship ,why did they use English ,as recently the altar assistant(acolyte) during Sunday wosrship /Liturgy 'Divyajnanam sradichukondu behumanapetta pattakarante prathanaye ettu chollanam (in Malayalam),udane Karmikan (purohithan)" We believe in God,,,,, but there were no response from congregation as the worshipers were only malayalam speaking Adults or elders! ! therefore our priests should act wisely and timely ! That is exactly happened the Old Priest that you mentioned in your article!My suggestion is that we may have to use opertunities in good way depending time and surrounding!

george cherian said...

I was glad to see an article about outside Kerala Orthodox churches. If I understand correct, there was some incident in America where a senior priest tried to insult an American born young priest who was appointed recently. It is sad but it is only an extention of the fights going on in our Kerala parishes. The people who live abroad from Kerala sometime forgets that they cannot live in isolation. They should act as good ambasiders of their origional country and forget about all the parish fights back in Kerala. This is the only way we can attract youngsters to our church. We came to New York in 1968 when there was no offical churches but we used to have a service on Sundays conducted by Simon achan & assisted by Dn.Cherian (senior priest in NY now) and George chemachans with people from all denominations taking part. It was nice and peaceful. Last Sunday (Nov11th 2012), we went to the St. Thomas church in Detroit and attended a good orthodox service where boys who are born in America were active participants. Philip achan & James Cherian Achan (junior achan) are doing an excellent job and running an excellent model church. All of us can learn from them and use as a model for our orthodox parishes.
I wish all the success to our parishes.
George Cherian