Saturday, February 26, 2011

Holy Episcopal Synod has accepted the report regarding the possibilities of granting voting right to women in Malankara Orthodox Church.

The Holy Episcopal Synod has accepted the report of the commission appointed by the Holy Synod to report to the Holy Synod regarding the possibilities of granting voting right to women in Malankara Orthodox Church. The report will be available for publication only after the Rules Committe makes specific constitutional changes in this regard. The commission, Metropolitan Yuhanon Mar Militos in his 11 page report has given, reasons for granting voting right to women in parish assembly on the basis of the teachings and approach of Jesus Christ, the Biblical passages, the opinion of the father of the Church, theological issues, position of other Orthodox Churches of the world, the suggestion of the Supreme court in its order in 1995 verdict on Church case, articles of human rights, practical issues etc. Through this, the Church will be addressing a major issue that has been in the Church for a long time and will be a milestone in the history of the Church. Though this will make the size of the parish general body larger, it will not add any number to parish managing committee, diocesan council, Malankara Association or Association Managing Committee.


Joe G. said...

Rights for women in our Church is long overdue. Let us hope it allows and recognizes full and complete respect and rights for women in our Church. The church I attend in the USA has had active participation of women in our church for decades. Women are the heart and soul of our church and it's continuance.

Fr. Ninan V. said...

Really wonderful.Not too late.

Amrit said...

Upholding the Right to Equality in our Constitution of India,Our Church decided to provide voting right to women in Parish General Body which is very essential in the present scenario.


Sam Kurisinmoottil said...

Not too late. Thanks for the wise decision. Also wish the Holy Episcopal synod to appoint a commission to study about the possibilites making Bishops transfer every 8 years.

Reni said...

Before we celebrate can we look into the reasons WHY only 5 per cent of men attend POTHUYOGAM attend now?

If this is the case, not even 1 per cent women will attend the General Body meetings.

Jaya said...

Glory to God Almighty. A quite reasonable and timely decision. Let us hope, step by step it allows and recognizes full-fledged respect and rights for women in our Church.


Anonymous said...

Though I agree that women should be given due rights in Church, I do not have the hope that this will lead to a revolution as many have speculated.

The reason: With authority comes responsibility.
That is the reason why most men keep away from Church activities. As Reni pointed out this euphoria will not last longer. You will have to chase whole womenfolk to get a few of them at least sit in Pothuyoagam, let alone playing leadership role.

The most important point to improve participation is to make an atmosphere where ordianry people can come and get due respect. Some people fear that they'll be overburdened if they take charge of affairs. This fear can be eliminated only if we give wholehearted suport to the person who takes charge. Unnecessary criticisms and discouraging statements, thankless attitude of the leadership all play here.

My belief is that before we extend voting rights to women, we should see that they can join us to work for the Sabha. Let us hope that with our women around we'll be more genetle and kind.
Let us welcome or Amamchis, wives, daughters etc to important roles in the Church