Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A rare Photo of St. Dionysius with H. H. Geeverghese II

In this photo: Dn. Abraham Poothicote, M. C. Pothen, Manamel, Rev. Fr. P. T. Geeverghese Panicker, St Dionysius, Dn. Matews Parett
A rare picture of St. Dionysius with H. H. Geeverghese second (as a Ramban).  Standing on the extreme right is Rev. Fr. Abraham Poothicote (as a decon). This was taken at Bombay enroute to Mardin. 
Paulose Mar Coorilos & St. Dionysius of Vattaseril. Photo taken at Bombay.


Zoticus said...

Can you please mention who is who, in an order ?

Jeevan said...

ഇതില്‍ ഇവനിഒസ് തിരുമേനി ഏതാ ? ദ്വിതിയന്‍ ബാവ ഏതാ ? പരെട്ട് തിരുമേനി ഏതാ ?