Monday, August 8, 2011

Reply from Dr. George Joseph to the allegations against Him.

Reply from Dr. George Joseph to the allegations against Him. 


John said...

The people who are doing dirty politics inside the church are very narrow minded.
The orthodox believers should realize two things :
The real enemy to orthodox church in India are not Jacobites but the Vatican supported group of the catholic church in India who are trying to demolish our Eastern Church by promoting division inside the church by providing money to people like patriarch faction .The poor believers in the Jacobite and orthodox church are not realizing this fact and are fighting each other and in effect the true tradition is struggling to survive. I hereby request to the people who are doing dirty politics inside the church that plz plz plz stop this and spend your energy to save our church-both Orthodox and Jacobites from the above mentioned evil power.

John said...

Those who are doing dirty politics within the church should realize the following fact.
The real enemy to the Orthodox Church in India is not Jacobites, but a group (supported by Vatican )of Catholic Church in India who are trying to demolish the church by promoting groups inside our church like providing money to a group of people in patriarch faction etc.The poor believers of both Jacobite and Orthodox faction are not realizing this fact and are fighting each other.In effect the true tradition of the Church is struggling to survive.
My humble request to the those who are doing dirty politics is that please please please..... stop this and spend your energy to save our Church,both Orthodox and Jacobite factions from the evil power of Roman Catholics.

akosoto said...

Was jesus orthodox,jacobite or catholic?

Abraham said...

Dr George don't ever give up. I have followed your work for the church and Truth Always prevail.

When ever someone does good the Devil is out to break him.

Here is what Christianity teaches us. Your Faith In God Almighty is all you need, Rest Assured God takes charge .

God Bless You. You will be in my prayers.


Newark, DE US.

John said...

Jesus Christ is the incarnate God
The God Man- He is God as well as Human being simultaneously.
Church-The body of the resurrected Christ where all who are baptized-who are living in the world and those who are departed are involved.

World-- It is a mixture of good and evil--light and darkness. Human errors are because of this presence of the darkness in the history.

Tradition - It is the life and mind of the Holy spirit, the holy spirit indwells in the church and leads the church to all truth and to the wisdom of the God.

Church in the History is often refereed with its location like church in Asia Minor, church in Corinth etc. They are all one church. Each local church manifests whole church .

Roman Catholic Church -- Church in Europe which were part of ancient Roman Empire .Due to political and economic power and many other historical reasons the church is deviated from the true tradition of the church (because of human error.)
Eastern Churches — The churches in the east of Roman Empire and those in Asia and Africa (eg: Egipt-Coptic Church, Syrian Church, Ethiopian Church, Greek Church, Russian Church, Assyrian Church, Malankara/Malabar Church etc.) are still maintaining the true tradition of the church even though there is slight differences in their Christology. Many of these Churches are referred to as Orthodox (Means true faith, true glory) Church. The differences are only in their terminology. But RC is deviated in from many core tradition of the church.
During colonial period RCs captured many Asian and African churches and the result is establishment of RC Churches by splitting the Eastern Churches .This includes formation of syro Malabar and syro malankara churches in India. The remaining part of the Indian Church with the help of Great Syrian Church of Antioch can able to maintain the authentic tradition of the church and is still maintaining the true tradition, the real tradition of church .This church is known as Malankara Church/ Syrian Orthodox Church in India and the roman church is still trying to demolish /capture this church. It is purely unchristian.
Dear freind ,before Commenting try to understand the basic faith of the church

Jyothish Kurichy said...

some of our people want to destroy the it is georgy tommorow it is catholicos.those who stand aganist this type of corrupted people they will play this type of (THARAKALI).we appreciete georgy for the open replay.people who love sabha is in the back of georgy for the fight aganist corruption.

jo said...

Dr. George Joseph. Thanks for exposing those who are behind this plot. we were all very disturbed when read about this incident (i read in today i am also relieved. thanks MTV for posting this here appropriately. i verified in the vanitha commision's website about the case you mentioned filed by Valsamma Skaria. that is also valid and respondent's name is some T.A George. In MOSC site this person's name is given as "nominated member" of the managing committee. God save him.

ROYMON said...


Sam Cherian Karuvely said...

It was shocking to anyone to read an anonymous letter received a couple of months back with regard to the false allegations against Dr. George Joseph, our Orthodox Church Association Secretary. The letter was surely written by a Malanakara Nazrani and it came to my mind that how can a Christian stoop down to this contemptible level mentality. I called up Georji and told about this letter and asked him enquire who are behind this dirty plot but persuade him to ignore such devils tactics. I gave my encouraging words over phone to continue the good work. I appreciate that you have now explore very correctly and openly said the reply on the culprit. I am proud that you are one of the worthy sons of Malankara Sabha. At last you have got a chance and lashed out to the corrupted one who are behind to defame your integrity. It is shameful to know that Clergy are the main culprit worked along with few lay leaders against you and tried to tarnish your good image.
It is clear that in History the human being did not even spared our Lord JESUS CHRIST and finally crucified him. Leave it to God and you may continue do your good work to the Sabha. But in this situation I wish to point out to the Holy Synod to initiate appropriate action on the culprits. If the Sabha let free the offenders involved both Clergy and lay leaders for the wrong doing and bringing defame to the entire Nazrani community they will do further damage to our community. In this circumstance, H.H. Catholica Bava Thirumeni shall directly enquire the incidents, find out the truth and punish the guilty, as this was unfortunately happened right at the Catholicate office and to the Association Secretary. The Church must punish the culprits.
Sam Cherian Karuvely, Visakhapatnam

akosoto said...

Thanks for answering my question. Do you think anybody can destroy the body of Christ ?

John said...

Church is not just divine. Since it is the body of Christ (the God-Man) ,it is both divine and human. It is also not just people. It is composed of people incorporated into the body of the incarnate, crucified, dead, risen and ascended Christ who has taken us Himself through the spirit. This is the great mystery of the Church. Christ, the human incarnation of the God the Son, living in the Father and the Father living in Him continues to live on earth in us and we in Him.
The living tradition is the life of the Church; i.e. the Holy Spirit operating in the Community of faith and forming its mind and body. It has a continuity, both spiritual and historical.
So we are part of the church and we have a responsibility. Unity with participation in Christ’s ministry is constitutive of the ministry of the Church.
Since Church is body of the Christ, nobody can destroy it. But we can not say that Christ will look after his body and there is no need to do anything and we can “sleep”. As parts of his body, we have got a great responsibility. Our responsibility is a two fold task – worship(both personal and communitarian) and working out the life of Christ in the church’s life in the world. It includes fighting for justice and righteousness etc. Since eastern tradition remains much more faithful to the apostolic tradition than Roman Catholic tradition, the existence of the eastern church is very essential especially in India which is having a good religious and cultural heritage. This tradition can play its role among other religious traditions of India.
So what…….? Come on . We can do our responsibility to save the entire world, entire humanity.
Come….. fight against injustice in the Church (includes the activities of RCs etc.) and Society
and love humanity (including RCs).

pallykkappyar said...

Character assassination was not promoted by any Jacobite Metropolitans. I remember an incident long time back. There was an article appeared about an Othodox Bishop in Crime Magazine at that time and how HG. Thomas Mar Themothiose responded to it while he was at home. His mother mentioned about it (she was alive at that time, but his father was already been died). He said “this kind of report anybody can make against anybody. The sole intention of those people is to increase the circulation of their periodicals. If we promote this today, tomorrow it may be me or Sreshda Katholica Bava or Parisudha Katholica Bava. We all need to recognize the evil intention behind it”. I really appreciated Thirumeni’s comment.

Prathab Chacko said...

Georgy sir
Orthodox church has good faith correct belief.none of other is good enough than orthodox
Church . Till 1599 we have not invuted any to christanity, from portugese era church starttconvertion .kunam kurusu satyam one part went to roman catolic hirarky.malankara church wenr on by spliting marthoma,syrian csi,evanjalic,malankara catholic and so aswell people leaving church and no one is comming.this is same the situatuon of all orthodox churches coptic,russia,armenia,iran,syria

1, does our church is developing or decling?
2,have any remidy stop marriage of priest by dioces by dioces.each and every single church need good
Shepard,not a man convasing holly trip,real estate etc more over in my esperian i have seen it had for a priest to live with family
Catholic church have more priest than our even if comparing population,75yr old mankara cathoc
Develop form5to5laks .so why cant as