Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Daiva Thejasinte Naru Nilavu (Biography of Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios)

 Daiva Thejasinte Naru Nilavu (Biography of Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios) by Joice Thottackad. Chapter 1.


John said...

The theological thoughts of Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorios is not his own vision. It is the most accurate and clear interpretation of the Holy Bible,the teachings of the Great Father's of the church, and the liturgical texts and its the interlinking to contemporary world. In effect it is a representation of the authentic tradition of the Holy Church.

John said...

Congratulations and all the best.
I think the God has a vision about our Church in India.Because of that we have got this Great Human being in our Church evenif the evil power is still trying to nullify our Church. I am sure his contributions will have a great impact to the Church as well as to the World in the near future.

Mathew Philip said...

It would be good if the entire book is uploaded as pdf.will be an inspiring read.

Mathew Philip

Mathew Philip said...

It would be nice if the pdf of the entire book is uploaded.Will surely be an inspiring read.


Malankara Orthodox TV said...

Dear Joice,

The first chapter has been very good to read and learn. There are enough insights to the personality, theology and philosophy of Thirumeni illustrated with a systematic beauty.

Incidentally, let me share that my father was also in the P&T Department as a Combined Hand but was junior to Thirumeni and they never worked together as he was in Munnar and Deviculam during those early days. But during the mid eighties, my father was the APM at Head Post Office, Kottayam when a registered parcel came from Ethiopia addressed to Thirumeni. Instead of delivering the same at Pazhaya Seminary, one of the clerks sent a routine intimation to Thirumani. It was a pleasant surprise for my father to see Thirumei next day at the Post Office veranda trying to communicate something to some clerk through a window. My father suddenly rushed out and took Thirumeni inside and managed to hand over the parcel and suggested that Thirumeni could have just phoned up so that he would have seen to it personally that Thirumeni got the article at Seminary. Smiling, Thirumeni replied that all are equal and should be equal.Thirumeni left soon, but not before placing his hand son my father's head.


George Joseph Enchakkattil

Tee Dee said...

We stand on the shoulders of giants to look and see beyond what they have seen. Dr Paulose Mar Gregorios is one such giant, on whose shoulders there is still space to stand, if one chooses to do so. He would greatly appreciate if his work is used to bring back the humanity that we have lost and being deprived in all walks of our lives.

T Daniel