Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pope says sorry for abuse

LONDON: Pope Benedict made one of his strongest apologies to victims of sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests yesterday in London, while thousands of marchers staged the biggest protest of any of his trips abroad.
As he has done on three previous visits, the Pope held a private meeting with victims of sexual abuse hours after telling worshippers at a Mass that paedophile priests had brought "shame and humiliation" on him and the Roman Catholic Church. Malayalam News


Mathew Kuriakose, PTA said...

അപ്പോള്‍ നമ്മുടെ കേരളത്തിലെ കെസുകളില്‍ സോറി പറയാന്‍ എപ്പോളാണ് ഇങ്ങോട്ട് വരുന്നത് ?

George said...

One must appreciate the forthrightness in the open confession of Pope. But we must try to understand the root cause of such incidents. Such sexual exploitation and other type of exploitations are freely going on through out the world. This incident must be read alongwith the CHINTAVISHAYAM by TJJ on the menace of liquor(19th Sept). All sorts of evil are spreading across like anything.We the so called Christians are not behind any one in being parties to these evils. There are people in our parishes who spoil many lives through sexual abuse and liquor. Our Church has a forum to create awareness against these , I believe. We must plan our strategies to effective action more than the awareness creation. We must act. HOW? All of us must put our heads together and see what ways we can work out to tackle such evils. These are issues which warrent our serious attention. To begin with, can we start this in our own lives and extend it to our parishes?
### George Joseph ###

Ravi George said...

Jus Sorry is not enough. Pope should not only apologise but atke measure to nullify the actions. It is just like the tax collector returned everything back as 10 times.

In the case of Malankara, Pope should dissolve the Syro-Malabar and Syro-Malankara and declare them as part of undivided Malankara Church NOT UNDER THE POPE

Reni said...

Pope is elevating Cardinal Newman to Sainthood. Mar Ivanios in kerala who split the Orthodox Church in teh 1930 was then called as "Newman of India". Rome encourages splits and divisions in other churches for sheep-stealing.Poaching is an accpeted strategy to increase membership in Roman Church.

Poaching is actually ABUSE of CHRIST which Rome should repent.

Catholic Church tried its best to cover up the dirty deeds of its priets. But the western media is not easy for 'sale' like in other nations. Since they have been exposed, now the best strategy is to say "SORRY".

I do not think the Catholic Church is genuione about its regrets over the past mistakes and can be seen only as a strategic move to calm down the situation and save skin.

Ravi George said...

As per the Roman Church, when will Pope's visit to UK become a success?

Answer: When catholic Church split the Anglicans and they join the Catholic Church.

The Church of Rome is alike a wolf 'visiting' chuches to devour. Is this a christian attitude?

I read a news that there is an agreement between Orthodox Church and catholic Church in Kerala for using each others burial facility Discussions for further agreements are on.

This is going to be a big trap for the Orthodox Church. We are too innocent to know the traps laid by cunning churches with one agenda to devour other churches.

Jesus said love your NIIGHBOUR. Did Jesus say reside in your neighbours house? What is the need of burying in the Catholoc Church? Don't we have our faith? Why should we bury a dead in another church where we have to go and pray? the Church leaders owe an explanation to the laity. they haev to answer theh many faith-related questions and not just a one column 5 cm news

Innocent said...

The Pope should learn something from our Antiochian Patriarchs. They never in their life say sorry. When there was big hue and cry even within our Jacobite Church with regard to the the Apostleship of St.Thomas after Patriach Yakob III sent that bull in 1970, his successors have never did it, because they believe they will never go wrong. This is what as the head of the Church one should have. And this is the reason why we believe the rightful heir to the throne of St.Peter is our Prince Patriarch HH Zakka Iwas.