Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Metropolitans and Dioceses

New Metropolitans and Dioceses - Managing Committee Decision.
Zacharia Mar Aprem: Adoor,
Yuhanon Mar Thevedhoros: Kottarakkara,
Joshua Mar Nichodimos - Ranny,
Geevarghese Mar Yulios - Ahemedabad,
Yuhanon Mar Dimithrios-Delhi,
Abraham Mar Seraphim-Bangalore,
Yakob Mar Elias-Brahmavar.


johnson said...

All Bishops are bound to serve the Church,irrespective of their posting.But all Bishops want to be in Kerala b'cos Pokkikondu nadakkan ivideyalle janamullu!

Johnson Pathanapuram

sam said...

Mathew Koshy ,DallaS
How can you assess/evaluate the administrative work/supervision of a Bishop of Calcutta like that?.You think with in an year of service he(bishop) can perform wonderful/awesome job? What has he done to destroy/damage the Diocese? you must make comments based on real facts and not on hearsay/rumors!

Valsala said...

"Ask and you shall get it.Seek and you shall find it." Ahmadabad Diocese is grateful to have H.G. Geevarghese Mar Yulios as our Bishop. Hallelujah!

Jacob said...

Praying for all the Newly Ordained Bishops for all the blessings and success to be the best administrators of the assigned Dioceses. I also would like to see the Bishops transfered every 5 years so that all the Dioceses can benifit from more than one Bishops work.

rinsam2002 said...

It is Malankara suriani Kristiani assosciation Managing Committee in consultation with Holy Episcopal Synod allot dioceses to newly consecrated bishops.It our(laymen)duty to Pray for them (new doceses and those appointed as Bishops)to perform their Administrative Duties as well as responsibility of Feeding the flocks.
Let us do the needful!

sam said...

Dear MTV team
The allocation of dioceses to new bishops, the list published on 2nd august and 3rd august are different.could you please confirm which one is the final one approved by both Holy synod and and managing committee?

Malankara Orthodox TV said...

Ithu Managing Committee Approve Chaitha List Aanu. Athinu Munpu Koduthathu Synod Approve Chaitha List Aanu. Aa List Working Committe Puthukky Managing Committee Approve Chaithu.

Ithu Sambandhichu Bavayude Kalpana Irangum. Athanu Last List. Athu Kittumpol Kodukkam.

- Editor

Vayaliparamban said...

I heard Mar Joseph Dionysius was never happy with Calcutta. But he never realized he had a cake in a platter to eat. That is what Late Mar Theodosius made Calcutta diocese into. Unfortunately, some don’t have the vision to realise the value of the diamond and grumble. If one wisely analyse the only diocese that had no pressing issues with infrastructure and funds was the Calcutta diocese and the reason why Mar Dionysius was assigned that diocese was because there was a Monastery attached to it and as a person who was brought as a monk in a monastery, the church expected him to be the right man for the job. Moreover as a Senior Professor he has the capabilities to manage the educational institutions run by the Diocese. Personally I still feel he is the right person for Calcutta diocese. The only issue is that he needs to rethink of his priorities. I am sure if he seeks the intercession of his predecessor Mar Theodosius, he can further develop that diocese. Let us pray for Calcutta Diocese.

What is there to grumble on the allocation of dioceses? I don’t find anything wrong. The only thing I felt grumpy was the bus route like dioceses. Hope Ranny is finally removed from Nilackel and it is called Nilackel diocese.

Good that Mar Elias has been given Brahmavar. It is always better to keep away from the known ones. Mar Nikodimos could have been given Kottarakara and Mar Theodoros Nilackel because it is said, ‘familiarity breads contempt’.

Mar Julios should be happy with the OKR diocese.

My request to all the new Bishops who got diocese is to go through the presidential address of Kuriakose Mar Klemis at the diocesan assembly available on MTV.

Will you all be in a position to prepare such an action plan for your new dioceses atleast within a year. No exaggerations. Only what you can do.

vilsontp said...

I don’t want to comment about the allocation of diocese,
But I have a request to all the bishops of our church, that, During your busy work some time come out of the car and A/C rooms and see what is happening in the churches and the diocese in actual and do the necessary to fulfill the requirements of the flock. Don’t take actions based on the reports of chamchas and stop the high hand ness of such people.
This centaury and generations are not the same as the past. Don’t expect every one will swallow what ever the leaders deciding not like in the past when all the flock swallow the bulls and decisions from leaders believing it came directly from god.

Praying for all of you to success in your work for the church.

One more request I have is please do some exercise and avoid fatty foods. Don’t eat whatever you get once you visit some churches, functions or houses. It is your body and your health. If your health is not good how can you deliver your duty. Because some of our bishops are facing health problem due to various reasons once become bishop and developing tummies. We need your attention and care for the church and church flock.

Mar valiaparampan ,
How can you expect all to follow in line with Mar clemis thirumeni. Because he is in a diocese, which is having all infrastructure and resources, and that diocese is developed one. How can you expect the same in the case of new diocese. Now they just have the name as diocese, Set up Its H.Q and the infrastructure is to be done by them. So that will be the first target. To all church members of Outside India, expect most of the new bishops or the people assigned by them or new diocese may appear in your church at any moment here onwards for this purpose. I think the big task is for Mar Elias Thirumeni , as I don’t think there is any wealthy churches in that Diocese.

Vayaliparamban said...

Don't misuse the word 'Mar' and don't get into the rifle and shoot. Have the patience to read comments carefully. Read the last sentence of my comment in question. Did I write everybody should follow that? On the contrary I am writing "No exaggerations. Only what you can do". I am in this world for about 76 years and I know the history of many a dioceses and I am now seeing many a Bishops in the 2009 batch went ahead and collected money to develop their diocese and spent it to buy personal properties in their home land.
Now if these new Bishops can show the faithful something in black and white their plans, people can contribute for that cause and they will be accountable for what they collect. Hope you understand this time?

George said...

The comment appearing in the name of 76 year old Valiyaparamban is a very serious allegation having consequences of dangerous proportions. If he means what he stated about the manner in which our Bishops misused the funds collected (2009 batch Bishops), he should come up with concrete evidence and produce before the Holy Synod and Management Committee. If he is not prepared, he should atleast tender an unconditional apology through this forum and undertake that he would not misuse this site for spreading such irresponsible allegations henceforth. He should also realise that his statement is damaging his own Church.

sam said...

sometimes back in 2009 I wrote All our church Internet media,about the selection and election about Bishops. What I wrote was The aspirant for posts Bishops should have A mission As well as A Vision.The Malankara Church both priests/ laymen should be aware of their Visions and Missions. This is where our Church heirchy fails.L.L mar Theodiosis had a vision and mission.But in my opinion not all Acadmicians professors /seminary professors have such missions or visions.
Mar Joseph Dionyasius joined Mount Tabor Daira when founder L.L.Mar Thoma Dionayasius was sick and bedridden. I don't think the Present Joseph Mar Dionyasius got the required training or values of monastic life under late Mar Thoma Dionyasius. Further more Present Bava was in charge of Malabar diocese,Latelamented Mar Zacharia Dionyasius was in chargeof Madras diocese. These two were pioneers of monastic life in Pathanapuram Daira.Althogh there are Great Rambachans like,Fr.C.O. Yoohanon(late) Fr.Issac and Fr.Geevarghese of Kulamudi(Mylom)are great Monastics of Pathanapuram Daira

Vayaliparamban said...

Dear Mr.George,
Talk to a few of our priests from south of Kottayam and you will find out the locations. The only clue I can give you is the Bishops involved are not attached to any monastery and became elected due to their qualifications!
This is only one instance. My diocese have been led by many Bishops in the past before we are now blessed with one from the 2009 batch. However, one of our previous Bishops who is still around, heading another diocese in the south, in whose account the fixed deposits of many a trust fund was deposited by our Late Bishop of Angamally diocese is yet to return the same to the new Bishop who has taken charge. The only consolation we have is that he used that money to built his new diocesan head quarter.
But the matter I raised here is more serious. When they were Achens, they were not concerned with amazing wealth, but later when they have become Bishop they like to put up their own kingdom. Even Fr.Geevarghese Panicker (Later Reeth Arch bishop) left us for the Reeth movement not because he was fed up with cases but to enjoy the worldly pleasures which he couldn’t do while he was in our church. Still after leaving our church what was he fighting for – the schools
If these selfish bishops open their eyes around there are so many small monasteries lying abandoned like in our church. If they care for the church, they need to find them out and care for them rather than building their palace and telling the public they are building a monastery as if people who want to become monks are lying on the road. Our Mt.Tabor Dayara in Pathanapuram and Bethany in Perunad can take atleast 50 more than what they have now. Even Basil Dayara & Thrikkunathu seminary can accommodate a dozen more monks if they are any. So what are these new bishops fooling around with they are starting something new as if the church is not wise to realise the need.
Now please don’t be under the impression I am against all our Bishops and Bishops of other churches are all Saints. Infact in the P.C Society you will hardly find Bishops amazing personal wealth for the simple reason they need to pay an hefty amount first to Pradhaman and to the Patriarch to become Bishops After that they don’t have money to buy anything plus they give an affidavit stating they will not purchase anything in their name and if at all they do, that transaction will become null and void so the maximum what they can do is what their Retired Philexinos & Co. of Malabar did and see now his fate. In MOSC this will never happen unless we bring in laws and byelaws.
Meanwhile, there are definitely a few saintly and simple Bishops in our Church and I am confident there will be always. But at the same time there are Judas Iscariots as well. My intention is to make them aware that we are watching and keep the number of Iscariots down to one in a lot.

Vayaliparamban said...

Dear Sam,
The election process for the Bishop in our church is similar to the Political election. There is a set of qualification to become an MLA or an MP. Similarly there are a few more qualifications needed than what you need to become an MP or an MLA .
At times I feel Pradhaman would have been a better arch rival for Leader Karunakaran. But fortunately they are friends. One in the religious circle and another in the political circle. But if there is something like measuring IQ for crookedness and shrewdness both will be at par.
Meanwhile, I have heard about L/L Mar Thoma Dionysius. Our Late Indian President S.Radhakrishnan has once remarked that if the world was one and if it had to have a Prime Minister, then his first choice would be L/L Mar Thoma Dionysius as the P.M. Yes that was he - A Legend in all sense.
Today we see a person joining a seminary only if he can’t find any better avenues. Don’t take it as criticism. This is the fact and that is exactly the reason for the fight we have between all these Christian denominations. Show me a single one that goes well with the other. Why to take others, what about if we have two priests in a Church as Vicar and Asst. Vicar. How many get along well?
Meanwhile, readers when you feel that I right anything rude, please pardon me. It is only because of my anguish to see my church being taken for granted by unscrupulous element. With lot of hope and happiness I embraced the orthodox faction dumping my brothers in 1958 alongwith Vayaliparambil Thirumeni. Today the only consolation I have is I took the better half. And when I see people showing signs of selfishness I am annoyed. May be my sugar level is shooting up.

George said...

Dear Mr Vayliparamban,
I do share your concern and admit that we have Metrans who are not all that pure.In fact, our Church is having a democratic system of electing Bishops, but for some reason or other, there is no system of establishing accountability for their actions down the line. There may be difficulties to bring up such a fool proof system.But,we must think of a beginning somewhere.We have Bishops who talk in a language contradicting the official stand of the Church. Recently,Pulikkoottil Thirumeni gave an interview where he said there is no need to canonise saints in this church.I don't know whether he has raised this in the Holy Synod.We people are here to witness many of such actions agaist the known stands.It is necessary that there must be a code of conduct for our Bishops, particularly because of tneir increasing numbers. Anyhow, it would be better had you taken up the issue of funds misuse at an appropriate forum of our Church.

Thomas said...

ee allotmentinode ennikh yojiph illa.Brahmavar oru puthiya bhadrasanam ayadhkode bangaloreille metrachanae ellpikandiyath ayarinnu.Elias metrachan avide kadutha parajayaom undagum,yadhoru samshayom illa.

Dr.Jacob Mannumood said...

Let Criticisms be Constructive.Be realistic before criticising.H.G Dr. Joseph Mar Dionysius,is already acknowledged as an academician,Eco -Theologian,Orator ,Person of examplary monastic life and evangelic orator.Let him have more time to work wonders in Culcutta.The allegations against him are baseless and of vested interests.The majority of the faithful in Culcutta are hopeful in H.G. One thing is sure "Stones are thrown at Fruitful trees"

Thomas said...

Ente abhiprayathil eppolthea 7 puthiya metranmarkh bhahiya keralathillea 7 bhadrasanamgal kodukamayirunnu.Udaharanthinnu.Demetriosinnu delhi,pulikottilin kolkotta,theodorosin mumbai,seraphimin bangalore,aphremin brahmavar,eliasin chennai,nicolovasin ahmedabad.Ennittu bahiya keralathil ullavarkh keralathil kodukanamayirunnu.divanasiosnin punalur,diaskorosin tiruvanthapuram,coorilosinu nilackal,gregoriosinu adoor.Ethu ente abhiprayom annu.

Vayaliparamban said...

Need to really appreciate Mar Gabriel Gregorios in giving away more than 50% of his churches to the new diocese - Kottarakkara/Punalur. Hope the rest of Bishops learn something from Thirumeni.
Hope Nilackel people are happy. They have got 49 churches. One short of what they needed. In short the reorganisation of the southern dioceses have taken place commendably without any vested interest. Now it is time to concentrate on Northern dioceses reorganisation. Especially our Angamally, Kochi, Malabar, Trichur, Kunnamkulum dioceses

Mathew Koshy, Dallas said...

Brahmavar Diocesinte Asthanam Mangalapurathu Vachathinte Pinnil Aaranu Kalichathu? Avide Sthalam Vilkkanulla Methrachanmaro Secretary maro Undo?

sam said...

Dear George
Regarding canonisation saints in Malankara Church ,I also have the same feelings/opinion of Pulikottil Thirumeni. We do not follow the Roman Catholic Church practice/ tradition or Antiochean Partriarch in this respect.It is The believers and their faith which matters in this respect.Like saint,parumala thirumeni,before canonisation,he was a saint even now ,because His(Mar Gregorios)deeds and life in this earth has aready proved that and belivers received favours /blessings through his divine intersessions!
Let us Pray together To all our saints to intercede for us and Whole Malankara church to be Witnesses of Jesus Christ and His mission!

george said...

Nilakal Diocese and number of churches
(To people who doesn't know about this diocese and just showing it in bad light)

1)Diocese name was nilakal and it is a mystery how ranny was added to it sounding like a bus route(Ranny-Nilakal,Nilakel-Ranny) as many mentioned.(Odd theories arises saying people opposing this diocese added the name to prevent diocese coming This time too)
2)No of churches was mentioned to be at around 35(31+4) from current 49(45churches +4 chapels) at the time of discussion.The current strength of people in it is 3633 and would have been around merely <2500 or so if only 31+4 chapels were there.With this number,i believe our diocese can go to an extend well. But if it was less than this we would have been surviving only on central aid(At least centre has one less burden and more money to go after Church cases).

Yes,We are are grateful that the diocese came but it is to be noted that this diocese should have come along with mavelikara and Bangalore diocese last time itself.

The work done by Fr Joseph Madathelethe,Fr Idiculla M Chandy and few other laymen is to be acknowledged in helping this long felt dream of ours happen(I am mentioning this as you all know when a new diocese comes the original people who strived hard for this are not appreciated and those who didn't even wield a stick would start to say they did everything) .

george said...


Sony said...

Nilackal diocese should be very happy to have H.G. Joshuva Mar Nicodimos thirumeni!!

sti said...

The church should start considering rotation of bishops every 5 or 7 years. This way the bishops and the dioceses will see a change and different perspective.


vayaliparamban critisicm is constructive and comes from his eperience of 76 years....you said it right sir.....adv jacob coimbatore

Vayaliparamban said...

Dear George,
You should be expressing your frustration elsewhere. Nilackel is supposed to be the place where St.Thomas built or established one of the seven churches in Kerala. How many of your people were there at that time. It took near to 2000 years for our church to have a diocese there. You were not born into this world with your current age. Don’t be like a terrorist demanding all that you need. Heard about what Jesus said about Capernahum. So be polite and take the least important seat and then you will be raised. Trust in God not in human beings or in nearby dioceses.
There are so many churches that were started with one and two people, which has today multiplied into thousands. There is no magic. So be patient.

george said...

Dear vayalipparampan achayan or sir , whatever

I am not a terrorist and not attacking you
But note that you said baseless things
plsssssss have some patience to study the list of churches ... and ask some one residing at that area
six chapels are listed as churches ? do u know the difference between a chapel and a church ? you answer me
Is it deliberate or not ?
I know the formation of a diocese at nilackal area is good , we are proud of it
the magical name NILACKAL, what ‘s your point
Is it possible for a man to survive 2000 yrs ?? r u not sure about it ??? The church at nilackal and the Nilackal Diocese are different . Mere name will not do any magic ?? or does it ? just wait and see.....
But when we are planning for a diocese it must be Viable, financially self sufficient
Also geographically united or viable in all sense
I am pointing out the lapses, double standards in the formation of the diocese
You just appreciating everything blindly just like politicians saying good good for everything.....without meaning

This is not desirable for a religious person especially true christian like vayalipparampil Chettan or Achayan
We are doing things for the church……….. anyone can disagree too
pls note that point don’t feel bad when some young child say the truth…..our king is naked ??????????????????

Vayaliparamban said...

Dear George,
Show me a good thing that is happening in this world. If you are convinced there is something, you should follow that instead of grumbling about the happenings in our Church. Tomorrow if the Nilackel Diocese grows, then people may talk about a Diocese in Ranny or Mundakkayam or even Erumelly and we will have another George or Varghese with the same grumbling.
Do you know about the formation of Mavelikara, Chenganoor dioceses? Similar issues were there.
Read about Patience in the Bible. In short you don’t want to have hope in God and want to dictate terms.
Heard about the Tsunami that hit Indonesia in the past? Kerala will never withstand that forget about Nilackel or Angamally. So try to work with what you have instead of grumbling.

Nishy said...

can anybody send / post the addresses with telephone nos of our new dioceses like Banglore, Bhramavar, Kottarakara, Nilakal, Adoor. Ahmedabad I have. No updation in our site.