Monday, August 30, 2010

An Article about K. M. Mathew by Bibby Abraham (Editor, Viswasa Samrakshakan).

An Article about K. M. Mathew by Bibby Abraham (Editor, Viswasa Samrakshakan).


John Marettu, Kochi said...

Mathukkuttichayan Maricha Udan Veettilethiya Puthenkurisu Methranmar Avide Kudikidappayirunnu. Ennittu Ippol Achayane cheetha Vilikkunnu!!!

Sajy said...

There was an article by Rev Fr. Dr. Mani Rajan Cor-Episcopa in V.S. about Yuyakim Mar Koorilos in 13th page. And then there was this Nireekshakan article in 7th page. If one read both of these articles one will get confused about the purpose of V.S as one article supports Marthomites celebration whereas the other about Yuyakim Mar Koorilos states otherwise.

Ravi George said...

That was great show, Mr Bibi Abraham, Chief Editor of Viswasasamrakshakan FORTNIGHTLY, published once in a month

Anyone who follows the Jacobite media strategy can easily understand the undercurrents of this article. The Jacobites have been very successful in managing Kerala Newspapers and TV channels.

Jacobites know well that Manorama is the most important daily as far as Kerala is concerned. They also know that Manorama is more important to keep the confidence of their own faithful.

The Strategies


Always raise the complaint that Manorama is against Jacobites and win maximum column space. Protest even if the Orhtodox gets lesser space and coverage.

Always show that Jacobites are not satisfied with the coverage and keep threatening their Jacobite readers will switch to rival Mathrubhoomi. (This is only a stategy to keep Manorama give Jacobites more importance)

2. MATHRUBHOOMI, our own paper

Jacobite leaders succesfully handle the best coverage from Mathrubhoomi and other papers who are jealous of Manorama's success. Jacobites lament that Manorama is Orthodox and they have no other daily except Mathrubhoomi. They just create an impression that Mathrubhoomi is theirs. But actually this is only a manipulative strategy. Not even 0.005 percent Jacobite are subscribers of Mathrubhoomi. Thus they manage both the dailies.

3. Connectons
They keep in touch with all importance people in media. Kochi is centre of Jacobite media activities. They have contacts even in small papers.

Jacobites identify key people in media who can be of help. It is said that they had organised 'parties' for some journalists in the past.

Jacobites are using particularly the 'anti-manorama' strategy but the main objective is to help gain maximum coverage from Manorama.

Take a glance at the site www.malankarasyriacvoice, you will notice the importace they give to Mathrubhoomi. Poor mathrubhoomi!

It seems Mr Bibi is more of a strategist than a media peson. Now a days I don't find the name of Mooayil Chorepiscopa in the publication. Good going mr Bibi, Best wishes for your monthly.. sorry Fortnightly.

Ravi George said...

Forget to mention a word about Mathukuttychayan

He was thorough genetleman to the core. He had always taken extra care to treat the jacobite well. But the thankless and cunning group had given Mathukuttichayn much pain.

May his soul rest in peace

mathews daniel said...

I would advice all to read the viswasasamrakshakan,issued till July.They had kept beside 3 page for criticising K.M.Mathew.SHAME ON U puthencruz society members...

sampariyarathu said...

Dear All,
This VS is one of the Church Political cheap Media and its articles are often biased and prejuidiced!They don't even know that Manorama is read by may people irrespective if their relegeon,caste, or faith!They (VS)always try to humiliate and ridicule anybody of IOC/MOSC faith that is the reality and truth! Don't listen to these exaggerated stories/ baseless statements of Antiochean Extreme relegious Fanatics!

SMIOSC Well Wishers said...

Why do you crying. Start a news paper for yakobaya sabha and grow like Manorama if possible.

eldo said...

v s lekhakan marannu poya onnudu.ethrayo yaco upayakkarudea kudumbam manorama pottunudunnu.avidea work cheyunna upakkarkku ariyam manorama avereya ethramatram kooduthal care cheuunnathu.nanniyillatha sthanamohikal sorry tosay this,chumma bla bla adikkunna v s aara vangunnea .ethilum bethem ma prasidhikaram vagikoodea.ethra matram matha videasham valarthunna oru pradhikaranam ennu keralathililla.eppozhum upayakkarudea chaverpada undo?

eldo said...

manoramaude aduthu orennam thudangunno,upayakkarea

Reni said...

Jacobite Dictionary
(Published from Antich and Puthenkurisu)

Fornightly: A publication relased once in a month

Reni said...

Kind attention
Mr Bibi Abraham, Chief Editor of Viswasasamrakshakan FORTNIGHTLY

Dear Sir

I am surprised why you have not yet started an ANTIOCH edition of your publication Viswasasamrakshakan FORTNIGHTLY.

I believe, the mission statement of Viswasasamrakshakan, as the name suggests, is protection of the Jacobite Faith. Then, you must definitely start one Antioch edition without further delay.

I think you must have noticed the COVER STIORY published by the most high reputed news magazine NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine that the ARAB CHRISTIANS are disappearing.

If you have not seen it please read using the link given above.

'Ammaye marannalum Aniochiaye marakkoooola' ennu padiyittu ippol avar illaatheyakumbol avide sahaayikkendathu saarine polullavarude kadamayalle?

If there is no church or christians ther how can you shout ANTIOCHIA, ANTIOCHIA, ANTIOCHIA, ANTIOCHIA ? Also, importantly, How can we continue to fight with the Indian nationalists?

You have ventured into a 'special' class of journalism. I think the same Viswasasamrakshakan FORTNIGHTLY is enough to support and rebuild the Antioch church in the Arab nation. If it does not happen, all the Jacoibites will soon think of their Indian roots. I hope you'll do all necessary things to keep all jacobite under Arabs.
Thank you

Reni said...

The false importance Jacobite leaders give to Mathrubhoomi reminds of a boy who is interested in a girl shows off false importance to another girl just to make his girl jealous.

Reni said...

Mont after month this 'protector of faith' feeds every Jcobitewith poison. Poor people! They do not understand that it is important to keep faith and freedom for spiritual progress.

99.999 per cent of discusions in Malnkara are centred around the PAST. Nobody thinks about FUTURE. I requet the edior of this BLOG to initiate a discussion on the future of 120 crore Indians.

Christ commanded that all the nations will come to God and though Jesus only they be saved. Jacobites say that Indian Chrstians must be under Antioch. If that is TRUTH, do all Indians have to remain slaves to Arans forever? No Indian can ever bcoem a patriarch also.

Ravi George said...

Viswasasamrakshakan FORTNIGHTLY is a pioneer that speaheads many strategic media campaign agaist unifying the Malankara Church.

It is important that we expose Geobellian style propaganda of VS so that the church can grow and bear good fruits for the nation. It is very imprtant that we do not becoem spiritual slaves to any other nation.

It is in the personal interest of a few people to divide the church.

It is said that tere are mainly three groups who want to keep the Church divded.

1. Unmarried priests waiting to become bishops

2. People in power particularly who are chavalliers, commaaders,.. etc. They think they cannot maintain this 'special' status in a unified church.

3. Some major wealthy Churches admninstered without transparency. They know that once they are under 1934 constitution of the Church they are laible to undergo proper auditing and be open and transparnt in handling finance and decisions. Common members of the church will have a say in the affairs of the palli.

George said...

We, Christians, very often forget our mission and behave like people who claim to be politicains, but really are not. Whatever we, Christians do must be in tune with the Nazereth Manifesto[St Luke 4:18,19]. What we are gaining by throwing mud on others? What moves out of our mouth comes back to us. I am not debating over the greatness or otherwise of late Mr KM Mathew. But what Mr Bibi has done is absolutely anti christian and anti mission. Mr Bibi has his freeedom to criticise Manorama or the people behind Manorama. But a decency and journalistic ettiquite must be followed. Mr Bibi has miserably failed here as a journalist. Finally, Mr Bibi has alleged that there was a time when Manorama was behind other news papers from Kottayam. This is a big lie. Manorama was never behind any news paper from Kottayam at any point of time. Here too we find a journalistic failure.Personally, I am not a great fan of Manorama, but facts are facts. A journalist is not supposed to misguide the readers. A christian is not expected to misguide the public. Hope wiser counsel will prevail.
###George Joseph###

Anonymous said...

Once an ardent supporter of the Jacobite church, I have in the recent years taken the stand of of an independent observer. I cannot reveal why I have changed so much due to my continuing association in the Jacobote Church. But from my expereince I can just say that Jacobite people have not been allowed think free and also, they hav been misinformed. I became convinced about this fact after getting married to a Orthodox family and hence could experine a much gentle approach in their church. Then I could think with clarity and understood how things arehandld in the Jacobite Church (Sorry, I will notreveal them). the very first thing I did was stop reading the fundamentalist and fantical publication called 'VISWASASAMRAKSHAKAN'. That's how, I belive, I became a better human.

Paul said...

Read an article of a neutral writer about Mr. K.M Mathew and his stand on Malankara Church feud:

eldhose said...

why the kanjikuzhi society worried about a jacobite publication ? ningalkonnum vare oru paniyum ella? thaniku onnum chayanillanjittu mattullavare kuttam parayunnathu oru tharam maniya anu.e naram kondu swantham society ku vandi vallathum chaythu kooda? njangal viswasa samrakshakand adutha edition nu vendi know njangaluda parish il viswasa samrakshakanda varikar 500 kavinju. anthyokya marlankara bhandham nenal vazhatte..

Ravi George said...


Your next edition of VS should begin from ANTIOCH as soon as possible before everything closes down there. The reasons have been well explained before. Go through it properly.

Unfortunately.., our sabha is not a society like yours. SO you got so many advantages....

We are proud of our ancestry.. We are not going to be under ARABS.

Ravi George said...

There is an article about Paulose II Bava. The other day HB Thomas Bava was there praying ( I saw a photograph in Manorama)

When Paulose II bava was alive, Thomas Thirumeni had sent a registered legal notice asking not to ever enter his churches (Paulose II was the Catholicose of Thomas Thirumeni) without his permission. Thomas Thirumeni, in the same letter, asked his own Bava not to give 'Pattam' to anyone in hi siocese without his permission.

Now what a show!
This is Viswasa Samrkahak of Jacobite sabha

Ravi George said...

In fact the Jacobiet Church i smanaged by a few laity leaders like Mr Thampu Thulakan, somemedia like VS. The one man synod of Thomas Bava heads everything. All other members of the Jacobiet church including the many bishops have no voice, not even face.

Anonymous said...

Jacobites have developed a habit of treating everything LOUSY.
Look at the way they name churches, selects bishops, honour people in power, positions who can help them gain something, conducts functions, reports news.. and in all matters of the church.

Any one can become a priest, there is no fair methodology of choosing a bishop, ordinary small priests can become bishops, even small churches are elevated as cathedral. Ordinary people with money power or small contributors are designated Chevaliers, Commanders... and so on.

The media approach is horrible. They are around newsmen and reporters, contacting them, and fighting with newspapers for an extra inch coverage. I know one bishops of Jacobite church who wrote a letter to an important person in a newspaper to have a big Sunday feature on their newly begun charity organisation. The senior person promptly forwarded the matter to the concerned department where it was rejected as frivolous and an attempt to gain cheap publicity. And there is this publication called VISWAMARAKSHAKAN which is the lousiest of all!

These things are unthinkable in the Orthodox Church where those who have contributed even a lifetime have not been given any honors!

Reni said...

I had a quick check (I don't want to pollute my mind reading every stuff in VS) at the Viswasasamrkshakan FORTNIGHTLY (Aug 15-Sept 15) for the news of their GREAT ALWAYE sammelan attended by less than 2500 people including priests and leaders.

Mathrubhoomi had reported the count for GREAT Alwaye sammelan as HUNDREDS and The Hindu quoted the Jacobite spokesman gave a total figure for the two days.

I congratulate for coming up with this topic and made it a good blog. Had it not been taken up by the editors of, the Viswasasamrkshakan FORTNIGHTLY would have claiemd at least a lakh. What surprised me was that VS maintaind a complete silence on even the blog in

Keep it up

Ravi George said...

Shall I take up a point raised by Mohanmathew. Mohan has mentioned that Orthodox Church does not recognise those who help the church. It is an absolute FACT. Has the church ever recognized the editors? The church even forget to approve even C P Chandy sir who was given some recognition much later before he died. I am sure Jacobite church would have declared C P Chandy and Z M Paret saints had they been Jacobites

I don't say we should extend it to the level of Jacobites who just want favours and money contributed to some particular people.

Jacobites have even some 'criminals' been decorated with titles. Everything is for sale there! God will judge such activities. The Jacobite are known for breaking the commandment 'DO NOT TAKE MY NAME IN VAIN'

Anonymous said...

Media of Jacobites (Malankara Syriac Voice and others) publishes pictures of HH Patriarch attending dinners with Royals, PMs and the like. It is a vain attempt display the power and strength of Antioch.

Catholics have this tendency to release media reports about the opulent lifestyle of Popes. Gone are the such vulgar display can attract fans. Vulgar display has no scope in spirituality.

Jacobite media, please note: We don not get carried away seeing this pics. This is because our country has got much more strength than these nations.

May I request His Holiness not to rely on such things, but cry for Antioch church going down in strength every week as reported by major journals. Building a huge Bungalow is of no use when believers are running away. I have not heard reports about HH Patriarch shedding tears were Christians were attacked in many Arab countries.

Ravi George said...

In Bibi Abraham's article on K M Mathew he says "Manonrama has not honoured Paulose II Bava who was considered a 'saint' by all Christians. Bibi sir said "Manorama refused to use 'Bava'.

let me ask you Chief Editor Sir'
Has the then Angamaly Metropoltan HG Thomas Dionesius (Now HB Thomas Catholocose) who was directly under Catholiocose Paulose II honoured his own catholicose? Did n't Thomas Thirumeni sent registered legal letter banning the entry of Catholicose into Churches of Angamali diocese? Did n't HG Thomas banned ghis own catholicose from ordinating anyone in the Angamali diocese.

I don't think manorama gave as much pain as Thomas Thirumnei gave HB Paulose Bava. I heard that HB Paulose II Thirumeni died as a very sorrowful due to the behaviour of his own Angalmali metropolitan HG Thomas (now HB THOMAS BAVA)

And yesterday in Malikurishu HB Thomas weas praying for the soul of HB PAULOSE II! What a hipocrisy!
May OUR LORD shower blessings on HB Paulose II BAVA

Ravi George said...

Dear friends

If anyone posses a copy of the registered letter which HB Thomas bava sent to Catholicose HB Paulose Bava, please post it here.

(I had a copy of it which was borrowed by a friend of mine. In fact, I was shell shocked when I saw it first time. But when I came to know Thomas Thirumni more and more, the suprise was comletely vanished)

Ravi George said...

Chief editor Bib sir

Please do not think that all other churches are taking the path of Antioch Church is disappearing from the face of the earth (National Geographic Magazine). I am writing this based on your artcie based on church statistics on page 7 of lateest issue of VS.

Sir,are you thinking some idea to attack National Geographic magazine in the usual VS style?

John Marettu, Kochi said...

Bibby Ezhuthiyirikkunna Chila Karyangal Orthodox Sabhayude Karyathilum Sariyanu. News Local Pagil Idunnathum Mattum.

Marichu Poya Aale Cheetha Vilikkunna Swabhavam Illathathu Kondu Sabha Mindunnillenne Ullu Ennanu Thonnunnathu.

eldhose said...

Dear ravi george Enganeyoru imaginary story undakiya ningal therchayayum oru kadhakaran ayirikum.ningal oru yadhartha kanjikuzhi society member anennu thankal prove cheythu. pinne ethonnum ningale bhadhikunna karyangal allallo .pinne oru karyam swantham kannile koleduthittu vanem mattullavarude kannile karadu adukuvan.

eldhose said...

sambathika labhathinum adhikara labhathinum vendi kure+kalu vari methran mar 1912 il thattikkutiya sabha ya society
annallathe pinne anthu vilikanem? anthyokya simhasanam
A D 37 il gods grace athu lokavasanam vare undakum. anthyokya simhasanem neenal vazhatte.

sampariyarathu said...

Dear Eldhose
You Always behave like a blind man especially on your views on Antiochean Throne! Can you tell a bible verse supporting that St.Peter established or founded Throne In Antioch By A.D.37.If You read the epistles of St.Peter you may come to know many truth or real facts about original christians and the leaders/Elders of early Church!
When new heavens and new earth are there With Jesus There is no earthly thrones or who ever was not found written in the book of life will be hurled into lake of fire!
Cowards,those who practising spiritism,idolators,and liars.....the place will be lake of fire!
You will not see St.Peter/or any Partriarchs sitting in "Antiochean Throne"in the new heavens and new earth!
For Greed and money it is Your Antiochean Partriarch(Elias III)who Supported Turkish ruler
the Killing of Christians in Afghanistan!Read/log inot"www. seyfo"(seyfocenter assyrian genocide1915).

rajanthomas said...

This Guy Eldhose,I don't know what he is talking,what is his motive etc. A brain washed guy who cannot read bible and understand What is Throne as per Jesus Christ!
He thinks This Throne in Antioch is going to save him or his people/ Church! poor guy,It is Jesus Christ who saves! He is our redemmer! He is the one who give thrones of Judgment on his second coming to judge 12 tribes of Isael!

Vayaliparamban said...

When I was in Madras I have seen a certain community when their close relatives die, they first go and call the professional weepers. Just like the chendamellakkar, these weepers are professionals. According to the money you pay they will get the numbers and make the event so touching. Along with the money they have to be treated with liquour and food. Once this is over and the advance paid, you need to give the address of the person whose body is laid to rest. These people come crying and beating on their chest and onlookers genuinely feel that they are their relatives.
This is what I feel when I read the postings of another professional growler in this blog by the name Eldhose.
He simply growls at anything and sundry that is related to our church. Just like some mothers keep nipples in the mouth of crying kids, someone needs to keep it in his thoughts!

Johny said...

ദേ എല്‍ദോസ് പിന്നെയും !!.

Rinu Vettiyar said...

MalankaraSabhayude Valarchayil nirnnayakamaya panku K.Mathew nalkiyittund athu Malankra sabhaye snehikkunna oro viswasiyudeyum kadamayanu athu kandu kannu kadikkunna Puthenkurishinte cheenju nariya mukhamanu Viswasa samrakshakaniloode kanunnathu. Bibby abrahaminu enthenklum onnum parayende athinu vendi K.N nathewvine upayogichu enne ullu. k.m mathew aaranu ennu Bibby Abrahaminu ariyillayirikkum but eviduthe Jathii matha bhethamennye ellavarkkum ariyam KM mathewinte jeevitham. Manorama Communist kare ethurthirunnu ennu paranju communistukare sukippikkunna bibbyude prasthavana rashtreeya preerithamanu but Conmmunistukar polum ethine ethirthu mathrame samarikukayullu.

Mr.Bibby Abraham Mind ur words...

Yohannan, Pandalam said...

Dear Mr. Eldhose,

Do you believe that those who depend on Anthyokya Simhasanam will get special seat at the time of our Lord Jesus Christ's second coming. You people are forget your /our own father (Saint Thomas) and calling somebody's father as your father. "naanum ketta" vargam.

Reni said...

Anthyokya simhaasanam ennu paranju ivar Indiayil prasnagal undakkan thudangiyittu kalangal kure aayi.

There are some politicians and businessmen with vested interests encourage everything.


VISWASASAMRAKHSHAKAN, the mouthpiece of Jacobites in India, will lose its charm & strength when we continue our peaceful campaign. This kind of HATE publications cannot survive for long. Even people themselves will be fed up with it. GOD will DO wonders only if we live by good example.

The kind of faith and practice which is followed by Jacobites have been properly challenged before becasue of their reclusive Life. The region, particularly in the north of central Kerala (Angamali diocese of the Jacobits) has generally been INSULAR. Now it has started to change.
Next decade will see more yougsters moving out of these places and they will be exposed to christian faith which is more spiritual oriented rather than culturally oriented.

NOW we have a great challenges here.

While we have a task to EXPOSE these people, WE HAVE TO LIVE AND show them the REAL ORTHODOXY Based on principles and values.

That is the real struggle. The COURT cases should GO ON but the REAL challenge is PEACE and CHRISTIAN LIFE

Reni said...

Here we are fighting for 'foreigners'.

What is advantage for fighting for foreigners.

We have so many churches and so many nations....Can we find any church, any nations in the world which accept the leadership of any other nation or Church?

THE ONLY ADVANTAGE: WE are making the life of our future generations difficult.

FUTURE GENERATIONS OF CHRISTiANS IN INDIA SHOULD Grow up as independent asd free Christians BUT CONNECTED TO THE WHOLE WORLD (world is becoming smaller) on the principles of equality and equal dignity.