Sunday, August 1, 2010

K. M. Mathew (Malayala Manorama) passes away.

K. M. Mathew ((Ex. Working Committe Member, Malankara Orthodox Church & Chief Editor Malayala Manorama) passes away.


Sam Thomas aka Mumbai Samji said...

Heartfelt Condolences !!! May the Good Lord Give Peace to his soul..

varughese said...

Sri. K.M Mathew was a great man of great personality.His presence itslef was an inspiration for many youths including me and Ilooked at him from close distance with great respect. We are going to miss him in the church and in Pazayaseminary on every holy week/good friday. Met Sri.K.M M on few occassion persoanly which I still keep as the cherishing memories.Some 12 years ago, when I met him in Mardas in a hosptial after he had his treatment.He was kind and welcoming with smile on his great face and offered to speak.
He looked after his employees and shown real concern for them.Few months ago, when one of his staff,who visited me in uk for a family visit,he personaly called and enquired about his staff's wellbeing.It may looks simple but to me it was his greatness.He was a great asset for our church and we miss him.
V.Thomas, UK

sam said...

Heartful condolences to bereaved Family!We lost a Strong son of our Malankara orthodox church.May Lord Almighty God give him a glorious resurrection!!!

kochukandathil said...

We express our heartfelt condolences,to the whole family members of Malayala Manorama,on the sad demise of Mathewachayan (Mr.K.M.Mathew),a great pioneer and legend in the Indian history.The Holy Bible says,"Neethimante maranum urakkampoleyathre".May his soul rests in the heavenly paradise,with our Lord.
Indaian Orthodx Church Germany John Kochukandathil

varughese said...

Sri K.M Mathew was indeed a great perosnality of the genaration.His contributions are many.Manorama was a great tool to promote and sustain Malayalam language and its importance in Kerala and people live out side kerala.He was a simply an inspiration with his presence alone in church and its activities.Church can't ignore that.May Lod reward him and his family for his great mission.

sam said...

The sad demise of a Great personality Mathukuttychayan is a big loss to the whole state of Kerala especially to the Malankara Orthodox Church. The Malayala Manorama Family was always behind all the deeds and deals of the Orthodox Church and the Church is very Greatful to them. Our heart felt Condolences and pray Almighty to give rest and peace to his soul at Heaven. SamCherian Karuvely

Thomas said...

Heartfelt condolences. May his Soul Rest in Peace. He was indeed an asset to the Malankara Sabha and Secular Media in Kerala.

CHERIAN said...

A friend, philosopher, guide who changed the fortunes of the MM Group. My sincere condolences to the bereaved members of the Manorama family in this hour of tragedy.
Liju Cherian
Sultanate of Oman

Indian Christianity said...

Our prayers and heartfull condolences to the bereaved members of his beloved family and friends. May God almighty shower all the heavenly blessings and peace to his family and may the soul rest in peace in his heavenly abode
Fr.Johnson Punchakonam

m.a said...

i liked mathukuttychayan(appachen).He was a man of substance as well as visionary.

Reji said...

A great man who live thousand of childrens mind. It called Akila Kerala Balajana Sakyam. We used to call him with lot of respect and love dear mathukutty achyan.

Heartful condolences to bereaved Family!We lost a Strong son of our Malankara orthodox church.May Lord Almighty God give him a glorious resurrection!!!

Reji Thomas Kottarakara (UK)

Philip said...

My heartfelt condolences. May his soul rest in Peace

Vayaliparamban said...

I didn’t see any condolences from the Syrian Orthodox or the Puthencruz society members. However, the journalist in the English section of Manorama made Sri K.M.Mathew a Syrian Orthodox Christian. This only shows the integrity of this lot. If you take a headcount in Kottayam Manorama division there are more members belonging to the Puthencruz society employed there. Sri Mathew and his children always had a soft corner for tears and the crocodile tears of the Puthencruz society members got them a job there.
I sincerely pray the Spirit of Sri K.M.Mathew and his forefathers guide the Manorama family.
His integrity for our church has been rewarded by the presence of almost all our Bishops present during the funeral.
My heartfelt condolences to the Manorama family on this time of bereavement.

Ravi George said...

The Synod held during funeral of Mr Mathew was only God' way to bring all the bishops showing heir respect to Manorama's leader. Let us pray for the soul of Mr K M Mathew.

jacobites are just showing crocodile tears. Their write up in the viswsasamrakhakan shows their real mind