Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Kalpana from Alexios Mar Eusebios.

A Kalpana from Alexios Mar Eusebios. News


Chandichayan, Puthuppally said...

Thirumenikku Ithravekham America Maduthu Nattil Pokan Thidukkamayo?

Americayile Pallikal Kerala Congress Poleyalle. Valarum Thorum Pilarum!!!

Chandichayan, Puthuppally said...

Nammude Gurgan Thirumenikku Pratheekshakku Vakayayi.

Thrisoor Milithos Thirumeniyude Americayile Mission Pally Kittanjittu Gurgan Thirumeni Vishamichu Nadakkukayayirunnu.

Thampy said...

H.G. Mar.Eusebius Thirumeniyude Kalppana, Athu, Benthappettavar Angeekarichu Nadappil Varunna Murakku Athine Oru Dheeramaya ChuvaduVaypu Ennu Parayammm..... Nadappilayillenkil....Ghaaa Namukku Kaathirunnu Kanammm......

rinsam2002 said...

"Panathinu Mele Parunthum Parakiila"
Americaayil kashullavanu palliyum,achanmarum undakum.veuruthe veettil irikkunna achanmar americayil undu.ahtupole kashullavanum. Pinne Prashnam Arkanu?

m.a said...

A good decision by our grace

Rev. Mammen Mathew said...

A long awaited dream of lot of our God-fearing people is going to materialise. This will make our youths and young couples to stay in our Church.Fighting and breaking away with small groups made our children hate our church and leave when they grow up. For them it was very painful to see their close friends and families break away. A place where people expect enemies become friends they see friends turns into enemies.

I hope and pray our Gracious Bishops , the Holy Synod and Managing committee support this stand of our Thirumani. Let our parishes break away when a need arises for locality, mission and growth.

Mammen Mathew Achen.

Varghese said...

Well done Eusebius Thirumeni.
I only hope our visionary bishops in other dioceses especially from Kerala will not sent a priest to quench the thirst of the faithful in U.S. They don't care for the faithful in Idukki or Malabar. But they care for the faithful in America.
If at all that takes place, the Bishop who is sending such a priest should be excommunicated.
In the past I know a Priest from America built a house near to the Armana of his diocesan bishop in Kerala. This Priest had many issues with the Bishop. However, he invited the Bishop to bless his home. But the Bishop said, he will not come. The priest went and invite 3 other Bishops from our Church and all of them came to bless his home. These Bishops didn't have the basic courtesy to find out from the diocesan Bishop, why he is not attending the ceremony. They were all aware of the issue both of them had and didn't try to solve the issue. They clearly went for the cover(US $)
Today, the said Bishop and the Priest is no more. But the commendable thing the priest did was in his will, he gave all his property to our church.

In short as long as another Bishop doesn't come in the way of the order issued by Mar Eusebius, law and order will prevail.