Friday, July 2, 2010

Indian Orthodox Herald News. Malayalam Pay Site.

Indian Orthodox Herald News. Malayalam Pay Site.


Varghese said...

Why to pay for a publication which stabs our church from the back. Why can't they be bold enough in standing up to the cause of the church. They entertain all adverse comments received from Puthencruz Society members and if any of our members write or question what they wrote, they simply avoid it. May be they are on their way to become Chevaliers or Bar Etho's. If Yusuf Ali can get something like that, why can't the editors of Herald get it. After all they are doing their part to ridicule the name of our church. See the hype they created with the ordination of the Thengumtharayil Achen as Bishop of P.C Society and the recent Pathrose Remban and now they want to corner the Bishops who are working for unity in our church since 1995. Even HH Zakka backed out from what he said and wrote whereas the three Bishops who kept their foot forth for unity has not backed out. Those who came for unity with the hope that they will get some position and can make more than what they were getting went back, which include a Bishop.
So publications should be impartial and I have my serious reservations about IOH with regard to its integrity in publishing such news.
Theology anybody can write. It is not patented to them alone. So I will definitely not entertain this paysite.

Chandichayan, Puthuppally said...

Old Heraldinu (Published from Devalokam) Ayushkala Varisankya Koduthavarkku Pay Sitil Free Aayi Kayaran Anuvadham Kodukkumo?

Chandichayan, Puthuppally said...

Appol Thengumtharayil Methrachanum IC Pathrose Rambachanum Onnum Pathu Paisa Thannille. Pinne Enthina Acho Avare Chumakkunnathu?

Appiyittavane Chumannal Chumannavaneyum naarum Enna Pazhanchollu Americayilum Ille?

Mathai Kuruvilla Pampady said...

Kurachunaal Munpu ithupole Pay Site Aakkiyittu Aarum Kayarathe Vannappol Veendum Pazhayapady Aakkiyathayirunnallo.

Nammude Thirumenimar Ellam Avide Vannu Ishtam Pole Kasu Pirichukondu Porunnu. Heraldukaru Vicharichal Kasu Pirikkanano Paadu.

Shebaly said...

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My name is Fr. Shebaly and the editor of Devalokam Herald and Because Joice himself and these 3 people has never revealed their original name, I feel fishy on it.

Any one can check my credibility with church Sri. unnunni paul the church auditor of my period or any church accounts for any malpractices. I have almost 17 staffs that time, including accountants. Except James papmady who worked as peon whom I had fired for fraudulent activities, can you suggest any one to say or write ill of me.

Fr. T.G.Zacharia was was kept away from Bava for illicit relations while I joined there. He has no much access to Vattakkunnel Bava from the beginning of HHs term.

Another one is KV Mammen, who was close to TGZachariah, who claims to be from my family. He created chaos in our family get-together meetings , created splits and written 20 page history with his name in it and left off. We the family members have no Idea from where he is.. Through many of the books he tried to tarnish me.

My judge is my God. Let God judge me and them.

I never been a signing officer of Herald at Devalokam. It was Bava and Ivanos thirumeni. Check with Ivanios thirumeni.

You can confuse readers, but not God.

I had seen you Joice as teenager who approached me with articles and news. It may not have been published, I dont remember.

what you saw will be reaped.
May God bless you

loving Shebaly achen.