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Draft Proposal for a Protocol between the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch (SOCA) and the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church (MOSC)

Draft Proposal for a Protocol between the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch (SOCA) and the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church (MOSC)

DOX SYRIAN CHURCH was founded in AD 52 by St Thomas, one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ. At least from the fourth Century, the Church accepted Catholicos of Seleucia - Ctesiphon (Patriarch of Babylon) as the Spiritual Head. At least from the 17th Century, the Church followed the West Syriac Liturgy and gradually the Patriarch of Antioch was accepted as the Spiritual Head. In these periods East & West Syriac Bishops were present in Malankara. But the local Archdeacons (upto 1653), Mar Thoma Methrans (1653 - 1815), Malankara Metropolitans (1815 - 1934) spiritually and temporally administered the Church.
The Catholicate of the East was established in 1912. After adopting the Constitution in 1934, the Catholicos of the East cum Malankara Metropolitan is administering the Church spiritually and temporally. In 1975, the name “Marthoma”, the traditional title of Malankara Metropolitan was reinstated in the name of Catholicos of the East.
Udayamperoor Synod (AD 1599) and Coonan Cross Oath (AD 1653) are the major events in the history of Christianity in India. Under the Portuguese political power during this period helped the intervention of Rome in the affairs of the Malankara Church and in certain instances it resulted in a literal subjugation of the Church at least in certain areas and parishes by the Roman Pope. It was however not unanimously accepted by the Malankara Church.
Mar Gregorios Abded Jaleel, Syriac Metropolitan of Jerusalem, sent by Patriarch of Antioch arrived Malankara in AD 1665. The two Churches (Antioch & Malankara) were linked by very intimate relations since then as both are Orthodox Churches in the West Syriac (Antiochian) liturgical traditions and practices.
HH Mar Ignatius Pathros III (IV), Patriarch of Antioch visited Malankara during 1875 - 1877. He convened a Synod at Mulanthuruthy, consecrated Holy Mooron, consecrated six Bishops and divided the Church into seven Dioceses for administrative purposes.
Two rival Patriarchs of Antioch viz., HH Mar Ignatius Abdalla II and HH Mar Ignatius Abded Masiha II visited Malankara during 1909 - 1913. Abdalla II excommunicated Malankara Metropolitan Vattasseril Geevarghese Mar Dionysius VI in 1911. Abded Mesiha II declared the excommunication invalid and reinstated Mar Dionysius VI.
Unfortunately, the Church was split into two factions, viz., the Bava group (later Patriarchal Party) and the Methran group (later Catholicos Party). On 15th September 1912, HH Mar Ignatius Abded Masiha II installed HH Mar Baselius Paulos I as the first Catholicos of the East in Malankara. Excommunication on Mar Dionysius VI was withdrawn by Patriarch HH Mar Ignatius Elias III in 1931. Church Constitution was adopted on 26th December 1934.
Litigation started in 1913 ended in a Supreme Court Verdict in 1958. On 16th December 1958, the two factions united and became one Church. Patriarch and Catholicos accepted each other and 1934 Constitution was adopted in the unified Church. HH Patriarch Mar Ignatius Yacob III was invited by the Holy Synod of Malankra Church as the Chief Celebrant for the installation of HH Mar Baselius Augen I as the fourth Catholicos of the East in Malankara on 22nd May 1964.
1960s can be considered as the Golden Age of the Church. The unified Malankara Church honoured the HH Patriarch of Antioch with the Primacy of Honour as the First among Equals and gave him all the privileges mentioned in the Constitution of 1934 (Articles 1, 101, 114, 118).
Both Antioch & Malankara Churches participated in the Oriental Orthodox Heads of Churches Conference held at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 1965, as two independent, interdependent and autocephalous Churches. Both Churches are members of WCC in this status. The Catholicos ordained three bishops (1966) and consecrated Holy Mooron (1967) during this period. The honorofic titles “His Holiness” & “Moran” were used for the Catholicos.
Conflicts started in 1970 and the Church again split into two factions viz., Orthodox and Jacobite in 1975. HH Patriarch Mar Ignatius Yacob III consecrated a subordinate Catholicos for the Jacobite faction.
After the Supreme Court verdict of 1995, negotiations started for reconciliation, but without success. In 2002, HH Patriarch Mar Ignatius Zakka I consecrated a new Catholicos (Maphrian) for the Jacobite faction renamed as the Jacobite Syrian Christian Church.
To attain peace, reconciliation and unity which is now a dream of the major portion of the faithful in both factions of the Church, this protocol was prepared and approved by the two Holy Synods of the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch (SOCA) and the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church (MOSC).
Protocol between the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch (SOCA) and the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church (MOSC)
1. For the sake of recognition of the hierarchical succession of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church (MOSC), and in accordance with this protocol, the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch (SOCA) recognizes the autocephally (independence) of the MOSC.
2. His Holiness, the Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, being the successor of St. Peter the Apostle, has the first position of honor, in accordance with the Church traditions, and the resolutions of the canonical ecumenical councils confessed by the two Churches and also due to the historical links between the two Churches, in a manner that does not belittle the independent status of the MOSC. (MOSC Constitution Articles 1, 2).
3. The SOCA belongs to the SEE of SAINT PETER and MOSC belongs to the SEE of SAINT THOMAS and confess one Orthodox Doctrine, in mutual Communion and each of them having its own independence.
4. In order to manifest and affirm the spiritual relations between the two Churches, HH the Patriarch of Antioch and HH the Catholicos of the East should be mentioned in all the Holy Qurbanas. The name of the Patriarch of Antioch to be mentioned first.
5. Each Church has her own Holy Synod to care for her affairs.
6. To assure the oneness in the Apostolic Orthodox faith and Tradition, a general Holy Synod of both Churches is desirable to be convened as and when the need arises.
7. Each Church has the liberty to chose its own Patriarch / Catholicos. But in order to manifest the close relations between the two Churches; the other Church will send a delegation to attend the election process as guests.
8. In any future consecration and enthronement of a Patriarch / Catholicos for either one of the two Churches, a delegation should be sent from the other Church. Patriarch / Catholicos of the other Church should be the Chief Celebrant. (Resolution 4 of the Kaphartuto Synod in AD 869 Hudaya Canon 7:1 and MOSC Constitution Article 101, 114)
9. It is desirable that both Churches invite each other to major occasions in order to strengthen mutual relations.
10. In meetings of official dialogues with other confessions, on matters of faith, which are not on the level of the Oriental Orthodox Family, each Church will invite the other Church to send at least one member of the Holy Synod to attend. The two Churches will consult each other on world wide ecumenical affairs.
11. A permanent joint committee is to be formed out of the members of the two Synods to monitor the implementation of this protocol and to promote the cooperation of the two Churches in different areas such as:
1- Exchange of visits of: Patriarchs, Catholicos, Metropolitans, Bishops, Priests, Monks, Professors, Students and Deacons should be encouraged.
2- Theological education.
3- Christian Education: Sunday schools. Youth and Family programmes.
4- Social services and Development projects.
5- Pastoral Care: Both Churches should be given the chance to extend their pastoral care to their people in a foreign country.
12. This protocol once approved by both Holy Synods and signed by the Primates of the two Churches, will make any previous agreement and/or protocol between the two Churches null and void.
13. The text of this protocol, being approved by both Holy Synods and signed by the Primates of the two Churches, has come into effect and should be publicized and circulated to all the dioceses and parishes of both Churches as well to the Heads of sister Churches.
14. Any addition or amendments of this protocol should be discussed and approved in the joint meeting of the two Holy Synods.
15. This protocol has been prepared in the Malayalam, Syriac, Arabic and English languages. If misunderstandings arise in matters of interpretation, the English version shall prevail.
The above protocol of 15 articles, together with the introduction, a total of 4 pages (in the English version), pursuant to article 13 of this protocol, it is hereby signed by the Heads of both Churches in 2010.

Introduction is prepared by Vipin K. Varghese (S. Pampady)
Protocol is prepared by Paulson P Varkey (Akapparambu) & Verghis John Thottappuzha on the basis of Coptic - Ethiopian and Coptic - Eritrean Protocols.

Patriach of Antioch in the constitution of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church



just a dream!!

varkey said...

MOSC has all along maintained such a protocol in word and spirit even when without a formal document. It is the syriac orthodox church and its patriarch who have interfered in the jurisdication of the malankara church and ordained bishops and catholicoses . The ball is now with HH, The Patriarch. Let the Patriarch discontinue future ordinations. But the question is will that happen - the Patriarch is devoid of followers in Arab countries and has to depend on malankara for sustenance.

rajanthomaskodiyattu said...

A Very Nice proposal to be implementd by Holy Synods of Both Churches!

Jo said...

A truly Christian-in-spirit proposal! It will be the finest feather in the cap of both the Churches if this proposal can be put to effect, which I hope will be sooner rather than later. It requires a greater sacrifice on the part of the Syrian Orthodox Church (Antioch) and her followers in India to implement this protocol as they have to shed their blind faith toward not-important aspects such as Throne/Patriarch/Antioch that they hold dear rather than the cardinal aspect of unity of faith. A vast majority of Indian Orthodox Christians is yearning for the day when the proposals put forward in the above protocol will come into effect! We should devise means and ways by which the hierarchy of both Churches are made to take such a protocol seriously and not rest until it becomes a reality!

Sanjoy Paul,
Coralville, Iowa, USA

P.S: The Coptic - Ethiopian and Coptic - Eritrean Protocols should be the basis/role model for the relationship between Syrian Orthodox & Malankara Orthodox Syrian Churches.

Nice Up said...

Sanjoy, I beleive the Coptic-Ethiopian and Coptic-Eritrean protocals are indeed a basis for this protocol draft proposal.

I too believe that this would be a dream come true and can be a real bridge for our churches which share so much history and culture! May it be well received and egos be squashed on all sides - clergy and lay folk alike...May God Bless us all..


when Patriarch is the supreme spiritual head of the church as per constitution,then where is the existance of the so called indian oerthodox church;
first of all the marthoma simhasanam should be avoided.the unified church in malankara was and will be an integral part of syriac orthodox church of Antioch;even if there are no churches in the arab world,we should be proud of the rich heritage of the throne of Antioch,which Pope John Paul IInd acclaimed as the mother of all churches

Robin said...

According to "Mr. Jo" the Syrian Orthodox Church would have to make the greater sacrifice. These protocols are very partisan toward the Metran/Indian Orthodox faction. Where is the sacrifice from the Metran side? Even the title of the church, why not turn back to church's ancient name of Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church? This is why peace will never happen in Malankara, because peace in your church's eye is submission of the your Catholicos and your rules, there is no compromise. Your only compromise is recognition of Patriarch of Antioch as a head of a sister church. Wow, what a great thought( tone of sarcasm). We have recognition from all ancient churches. Your church seeks our recognition. Look at what happened to your Bishop Gorgun? Our Syrian Church is ancient and accepted by all. Jacobites need no protocol for our mother church. That relationship was made by our forefathers. Live in Peace as sister churches and continue according to our own values.

bino said...

Dear My Brothers in christ,
First I congratulate Vipin ,paulson and verghis John.This draft is truly- christian -in -spirit.WE all know that our MOSC is the part of universal syrian orthodox church - our contitution 1934 artical -1.Then i come to start from this draft introdution- after 1995 judgement - when i read first ithink both churches do not show any true interestfor unity- but you mention only jacobite part,so there are chance think,we are degrading them - that should not happen any where in this draft.So i think vipin please review or remove that portion or we must write our mistakes also in few sentance such as:
1)We didnt make a personal ( MOSC synod)delegation to patriarch- 2)We didnt invite him to participate our malakara assosiation -3)We didnt invite him to paricipate new parumala church koodasha...I think this may be due to lack of proper communication.So we youth people to strat communication.
Then come to protocal- I understant that the conclution of this protocal is universal orhdox synod and patriarch of syrian orthodox church accept MOSC is the individual (autonomus) church with(under) the spiritual guide lines of patriarh.We MOSC will respect patriarch according to the contitution of 1934 and suprime cort order.Second SOCA belongs to the see of St.peter and MOSC belongs to St.Thomas and St.peter(Any way both saints are diciple of our lord christ and they are not indians)
If this is happen in to our church most of the problems are solved.I think this is very good proposal.
After implementation of this proposal ,i think there are no change in structurally and position of personals in our church-- but we are united,and also avoid killing,fighting and public violence.
I have some Quary?
How do we go forward with this draft?
Who and when will go and talk our MOSC synod?
Who will ask the openin of patriarh? other wise there is no use
Who will give the up date?
We need a strong prayer to god....I am sure he will help us.
Why i wrote this , I dont want to separate our people in two different church.

Philip said...

What Jinesh says makes sense. We should understand Christianity was founded in Antioch and our Patriarch is in Antioch. Pope of the biggest church in the world is in Rome but our Patriarch is having full control of Antioch. So unless we listen to him and give him full control of what we have, we will have problem when we go to heaven. So don't talk of Marthoma Simhasanam without his knowledge (Forget about the relics personally handed over by HH Zakka when he was a Bishop to us). Vipin and who all prepared this draft please contact our Patriarch and seek his opinion otherwise you will have serious problem while entering heaven. See the murderers of Malankara Varghese have no problem, they all have free entry to heaven why? Because they respect the Patriarch

Philip said...

O dear robin,
I missed your comments. Who is this Gurgaon and where did he come from and why did he ditch his so called ancient church? I am wondering if there was no place called Antioch and the Arabs where not Christians who knows Christianity might not have been found. What a sacrifice the Patriarch of Antioch from Arabia is making. The Catholic church should turn back to the Patriarch in Antioch as their Pope is sitting elsewhere. After all the methran Kakshi is a gone case, you don't bother to advise them. They will never listen. You please go after the majority catholics and the minority protestants and enlighten them so atleast they will go to heaven.

Abded said...

Philipachaya.... this is the attitude that frightens us.... Let us go seperate ways and live in peace instead of debating and discussing on impossible hypothesis like the aboe draft.

MalankaraSyriacOrthodox said...

I don’t think anybody will dispute the ultimate goal is Unity. However with our history I don’t think we can straight away jump into an administrative unity right away.
So I would like to suggest the following:
1) Both factions should withdraw all court cases against each other.
2) Let each faction accept the other as a canonical oriental orthodox jurisdiction.
3) Both factions should remove all sorts of excommunications against each other and establish full communion. Openly teach that we share the same faith, accept all sacraments accepted from each other’s churches as fully valid.
4) In churches where there are disputes, let the majority prevail. However the faithful should be allowed to invite any clergy from either the JSC or MOC for functions with the consent of the vicar and the diocesan Metropolitan.
5) Let the JSC be administered according to the 2002 constitution and let MOC be administered according to the 1934 constitution. The relationship of the JSC with the SOC Patriarch should be as per 2002 constitution and the relationship of MOC with the SOC Patriarch should be as per the 1934 constitution. For future Patriarchal enthronements both the MOC Catholicose and JSC Catholicose should preside, with whomever is senior being the chief celebrant. For future Catholicose enthronements, if the Patriarch cannot make it, let the Catholicose of the other side be the chief celebrant.
6) Let there be an annual joint synod of both the JSC and MOC. This joint synod should not discuss any administrative functions, should only be discussing spiritual matters.
7) For Episcopal ordinations always invite Bishops from both sides.
In short let us live peacefully, with love as two sisters Oriental Orthodox churches. Let us prove to ourselves and to society at large, that we can live peacefully in love for 50 years. Once 50 years has passed, and a new generation of people who has love and respect for each other is in place, then that generation can talk about administrative unity. At that time, this above protocol or another protocol can be considered.
Skipping peace, love and spiritual unity and directly jumping to administrative unity is not going to work. It is like the old Malayalam saying, “don’t stretch your legs before you sit” (irikkunnatinu mumpu kaalu neettaruthu).

Thomaskutty said...

Thats absolutely right.As far as Coptic-Ethiopian churches are concerned there is no different opinion in Ethiopian church regarding their relation with Coptic Church.Here it is entirely different.At first we should have a protocol between the 'two churches' in malankara.For that the above suggestions may be useful.

vinup said...

My sugestion let Bava Kashi and methran Kashi, go like what they go now. Let try to accept both as sister chruches , or like 2 rethu under HH partirach. One may be direct under partiarch, so called jacobites and other may as they wish under patriarch as their constitution so called Indian Orthodox. But what iam trying to tell here is to discontinue all cases from both sides and share the things or try coperatre each other as sister chruches keeping their own system of admin till a soulution or share same like what held in chenggery chruch malabar diocese.

bino said...

All the best for your work.

ranjit said...

Dear Brothers,

One thing is evident from this blog itself that (both the orthodox/jacobite)leaders and fundamentals are not interested in peace, they are simply enjoying in spitting venoms, One group is trying to defend a murder (their sin ), other one celebrating the victory of the invasion(?) of one of the prominent churches in kerala,
Bothe the church heirarchies are not considering or not looking to the out side world,
now a days most of the religions are trying to care their followers, but what is happening in our church, they are engaged the spreading hatred among the people
so what is actually happening

soft hearted people are influencing by

christian revival fellowship,
devasia mullakkara

thanku brother etc etc...

any way thanks mtv for your good step..but you are turning a blind eye toward the actual problem, the
protocl b/w syrian ortho and ind ortho is not a matter, actual problem is inside india only, how it is possible to create a uniform platorm for both ortho/jacobites.
and when ? both the churches are behaving like 2, how it will bw solved the answer to these question is the solution for peace,

Anonymous said...
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eldhose said...

Mother church il ninnum sambathika labhathinu vendi vattasery yuda kooda poyavarku vendi njangal anthinu compramise nu nadakenam.avarku swanthamayi palliyundankil avar qurbana nadathikotte. swantham makane oru noku polum kanan kazhiyathe car kayatti kola chayapetta binu varghese na maranno? Atho cash ullavanda jeevanu mathrama vilayullu annano?

Abraham said...

As everybody knows the relation between Malankara church and the Antiochian Syriac orthodox church came to effect only from the time of Marthoma I i.e. from 1665 onwards.Before that the Malankara church was using the East syrian liturgy.Even though Mar Gregorios of Jerusalem came to India and confirmed
the episcopal right to Marthoma I,untill Marthoma V Malankara church followed almost entirely East Syriac language,liturgy and practices.That means till 1765.During the time of Marthoma VI certain tradition of west Syrian church along with prevelent East syrian traditions included.Before that few facts about the so called antiochian tradition.Only in the first half of the fifth century the antiochian church adopted the anophora of Jerusalem known under the name of St. James.In the 4th and 5th centuries the liturgical language of Jerusalem and Antioch was Greek.In the time of the Biyzentine Emperor Justin(AD 518-527),he expelled the non chalcadonians from Antioch and they took refuge in syriac speaking Mesopotomia on the Roman/Persian border (Modern East syria,Iraq and South east Turkey). Gradually the antiochian liturgy rites were translated to Syriac and new elements such as syriac hyms were introduced with it. Therefore one should kwnow that the Malankara church was using East Syrian Liturgy from the 3rd century onwards, whereas at that time the antiochine syriac liturgy was not even taken place.
Therefore why should we adopt the antiochian liturgy to our Marthoma tradition.
For the protocol we should not take any initiative , since the fanatic leaders of the Jacobite church in Kerala will never accept any proposals. What they want is their own empire by the expense of poor laymen in the name of the poor Antiochine Patriarch as a rubber stamp. This is not my words, even the H.H. Patriarch Zakka I has written a letter to the Jacobite synod stating that they were using him as a person to put the sign and stamp. Certain circulars as it is from the Antiochian Patriarch the wordings are from the Puthencurz centre and the Patriarch simply signs it.
How can we make a protocol between such a leadership? So let them proceed in their own way with the 30+ bishops (is there any need for such a number) it will only create trouble in their society in the future for power. For the above reasons the Malankara Church should adopt the liturgy of Addai and Mari which was created under the tradition of Saint Thomas and was widely used in Malankara from the 3rd century till 1800 AD and should eliminate the Antiochian liturgy. Then only the true Marthoma throne can be achieved.

God Bless Malankara Church

Abraham Mattackal John

Abraham said...

...Therefore why should we adopt the antiochian liturgy to our Marthoma tradition.
For the protocol we should not take any initiative , since the fanatic leaders of the Jacobite church in Kerala will never accept any proposals. What they want is their own empire by the expense of poor laymen in the name of the poor Antiochine Patriarch as a rubber stamp. This is not my words, even the H.H. Patriarch Zakka I has written a letter to the Jacobite synod stating that they were using him as a person to put the sign and stamp. Certain circulars as it is from the Antiochian Patriarch the wordings are from the Puthencurz centre and the Patriarch simply signs it.
How can we make a protocol between such a leadership? So let them proceed in their own way with the 30+ bishops (is there any need for such a number) it will only create trouble in their society in the future for power. For the above reasons the Malankara Church should adopt the liturgy of Addai and Mari which was created under the tradition of Saint Thomas and was widely used in Malankara from the 3rd century till 1800 AD and should eliminate the Antiochian liturgy. Then only the true Marthoma throne can be achieved.

God Bless Malankara Church

Abraham Mattackal John

mathew said...

we shouldn't forget, how malankara church was protected in early centuries from extinction, it was the bishops from Antioch which took the malankara church & its preachers forward during times of crisis, it is important that malankara orthodox & Jacobite churches needs to be united & should go forward by having brotherhood & cooperation with other christian denominations to spread the real message of our JESUS CHRIST OF LOVE & PEACE!!!

Samji said...

Dear Eldhose
it is your habit always make unnecessary and baseless /unwanted comments! You don't even know the mother! Then How can you talk about mother church?
Binu varghese,case what happened the amount collected by your church for his family as charity?When Fr.Thekkekara used that money for hiring Killers and hiding the killers where were you?
You must learn elementry christianity and church history rather than behaving like people who talk cheap politics in markets and public places

sam said...

Dear Jinesh John
Thrones of 12 apostles are promised by Jesus Christ!Antioch church is not mother church!The Christian Church was formed in Jerusalem which resembles the Heavenly Jerusalem. If Pope acclaimed,Antioch is mother church Why he claim to be supermacy over other churches and Bishops!How can St.Peter has got 2 (two) thrones in Rome and Antioch? The followers of Jesus Christ were called in Antioch as Christians!As Antioch was a populated city with Jews and Gentiles in early centuary of Christianity!read acts of apostles thoroughly and try to see what is written there!St.Paul preached gospel everywhere and appointed elders(priests) in early churches and told them to abide by the rules laid by Church in Jerusalem!
The Pristhood of Jesus Christ is not converged through St.Peter or his successors in antioch alone!

lajy said...

unity comes only if patriarch respect the fedral system of malankara.malankara christians always independent comunity becauses protugeses has dicovered india it does not mean than india not existed in the world we have equal hertiage like Antioch our hertiage not mentioned in bible does not means that we that dont have hertiage. jacobite claim is like some people in our country supporting britian head should should be queen becauses still we follow our system.Good system is followed & adopted every were for that we can respect them . unity never happen becauses patriarch cannot treat a india has equal or indian is to become patriarch. thomas-1 is miguideing the followers he does not have credblity who cought in kolenchery hospital for wrong doing , suide attempt & in 1998 expecting constitution in front of court . now make useing of oppurunity to become leader. how many jacobite know this from child they are taught with falses story ,constitution only guranty to rule in right way accepting patriarch has spirtual head misguided people some people personal gains has become patriarch centric or madness like kashmir trouble maker love pakisthan only god help them.

Joe G. said...

Why isn't leadership or the synods of both groups actively truing to pursue this? We need something now more than ever.

GODLY DR GEE said...


Joe G. said...

we need more action to push peace via protocol or otherwise forward! Lord have mercy on us.

Abraham said...

This draft never workout.So why simply wasting time going behind this.

The only way for unity and peace is to go as sister churches with mutual participation in all functions from the ground level.So that next or next to next generation can think of unity.

Then regarding churches where there is fight.Every body knows that each parishes in both faction is governed by edavaka pothuyogam.So let the dispute churches also solve this problem by calling edavaka yogam.Let parish given to majority and minority should also give the right to offer prayer on sundays with respect to the percentage of their population or else majority should help the minority to build a new church and the semitary should commonly used.

Then the only problem will thrikkunnathu seminary which is common property of both faction.let it divide and one faction have to take the tomb of their fathers and keep it some other churches or monastries.

If this is not happening then the number of people leaving both churches will increase drastically in mere future.There is a huge population in both churches who is not interested in this fight and they are suffering this with all their patience.

One thing both churches to be remember is their duty and responsiblity..To paraise and glorify the name of Jesus Christ..To convey his gospel to other peoples..