Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Malankara Varghese Case

CBI give a report to court containing Jacobite top leaders have no role in this Murder. Do you believe that it is because of the negligence of our Church Leaders



MalankaraSyriacOrthodox said...

Before you post a comment about a Bishop and accuse him of something that you have no proof of, and which the CBI has said does not exist please read:
Leviticus 19:16
"'Do not go about spreading slander among your people."
Matthew 12:36
"But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken."

Philip said...

NO. I don't think so.
The fact remains the Jacobite Priests have a very clear role in it which everyone in their church is aware of. Infact one of our guys asked me how can a priest be part of such things. This the attitude of our people.
Even if our Church leadership says otherwise how can the fact be distorted.
Let us pray the Court above who has created Malankara Varghese and the murderers get an appropriate verdict. Let us pray.

Suraj Iype said...

How much interest CBI had was evident when we saw the reluctance to arrest fr Thekekara. His bail was also unopposed.

Now only his acquital is left.

What can poor Mrs Varghese do against the combined might of all these big bishops and these big politicians.

Philip said...

Mrs.Varghese should not get disappointed on the status of this case. If she has the faith and hope, let her leave it on Lord Almighty. He is the Creator and He will do the needful. Nothing is impossible to him. He is the best judge and executor. Leave it to HIM and he will take care of all the culprits whoever it may be. Given the circumstances we accues a certain group. Let is leave our concerns on Him. He will guide us.

Joshuachayan said...

I am not at all surprised at this statement by CBI.

If you look at the history of CBI, you'll find that CBI has been use for political parties spoiling the image of the prime investigation agency.

Even a child can know that if the culprits could stay at important 'holy' places of the Church, the hand of the leadership is clearly evident. Moreover Fr Thekkekkara who is the secretary of the diocese could not hand over money to Gundas without the knowledge of his bosses.

A murder which has been committed in daylight could end up as a story if there are poweful people behind it.

The Bible says in Revelations that the blood of the martyr cries for justice and no one will escape their cries.

Joshuachayan said...

1. Fr Thekkekkara was not arrested by CBI even though he was listed as the first accused in the murder case (a premeditated murder)

2. CBI welcomed his bail when they unopposed it

3. CBI statement that this is a sensitive case proves they are scared of someting/someone powerful

4. If they could opnely state that they are handling a hot subject, how could you believe that they could do an impartial investigation.

5. In the Abhaya case, media was playing an active role due to media's (like Indian Express)illfeelings towards Catholic Church. Why is media not interested in this case though it is evident that this was a premeditated murder.

The Jacobite strategy is to picture this as a case of Church rivalry and trivialise it.

We should not lose heart. We should make the best efforts to expose the truth.

Why we believe there are more people involved with this murder should be brought to the attention of the public.

We should use the best use of internet.

Jacobite leaders do not hesitate to do crimes like these becasue they do not believe in God. I ma sure even poeple in the Jacobite Church know what had happened actually for they know Fr Thekkekkara cannot do all this by himself. Hold the truth and bring the attention of the public. I am sure we'll get results. More discussions means more damage for teh jacobite Chruch. That is why they want to silence the media. Keep up the campaign by word and media

Joshuachayan said...

My friend who is a Jacobite member thinks that the hand of his church is there behind the umrder, but he believes they will escape unhurt. That says a lot about the mood in their own Church.

Maybe the leadership who can manipulate anything may go scotfree. But how about the sanctity of leaders and the sanctity Church. IT IS GONE FOR EVER and HAS COME DOWN TO THE LEVEL OF A CRIMINAL. Maybe that is GOD's way of punishing them.

Losing the image of sanctity among their own followers --This is more damaging than the punishment by court. The more they try to manipulate in this case, the more damaging for the church. Jacobite church is in big trouble however they try to put up the show.

Joshuachayan said...

In a way, it is good that CBI gave this statement in court. It clearly says a lot about the manipulative role of the jacobite Church when they face cases. the image of a criminal, even if they escape judiciary, is very very very damaging for the jacobote leadership. I belive it is God's way of punishing them


Joshuachayan said...

I do not predict the fate of Malankara Varghese case. But I know the fate of jacobite chuch...it's soon finished..
sooner the better.

But will we learn a lesson from jacobites?

1. Do not do manipulations for short term beneifits..
2. Do not lead your faithful to violence..
3. Do not take THY NAME VAIN (from 10 Commandments)
4. Do not fool people and media. You'll be fooled finally
5. Do not take and give money for ordinations of Bishops
6 Do not be an autocrat.
7. Do not pretend that you are a great saint when you are actually a thief
8. Do not commit murder because it wil turn bitter in the end.
9 Do not cry for peace when you are actally destoying peace
10. Do not try to divide the body of Christ ( The Church)

sam said...

CBI Or Police Or Judiciary System in India are Very corrupt.The bail Application not opposed by CBI.This means CBI not accusing the priest to be guilty.WhaT a surprise only The2nd accused and rest were in police custody for interrogation and guilty of murder!
If CBI arrest the first accused of Murder it will be against relegionor provoking Religeous sensations.!

Anonymous said...

How to keep the pressure on Malankara varghese case

1. We should keep dicussion frumsn like this active

2. Have at keast three meetings in church for explaining the status

3. If media shows a lack of interest, do write Letter to Editor

4. It is surprising that we do not have a site on Martyres of the Church including that of Malankara varghese.

5. We do no have book on Malankara varghese yet. Encourage a writer to write one. maybe soemone could finance.

6. We should have a memorial for Malankara Varghee, may be an auditorium in Perumbavoor.

7. what the jacobites want is to keep us and media silent about it. We shoudl do our best to beat their startegy.

8. In spite of doing our legally best, if they escape punishement for this evil doing, I'sure, they will end up even bigger disaster.