Monday, June 28, 2010

Vanna Vazhikal Marakkalle (Don't Forget the Path) by Yuhanon.

Vanna Vazhikal Marakkalle (Don't Forget the Path) by Yuhanon.


Malankara Orthodox TV said...

After reading the Vanna Vazhikal Marakkalle, I think Yohanan and his aides came across as professional. Hats off to the writer, It\'s a topic that has been of the debate.

Thomas P. Jacob

Malankara Orthodox TV said...

I have read this article. I feel that its very tru story. But the story saying about a rubber farmer only. Any how people should learn the content of the story. Very nice story. Regards to Author

Abdul Latheef
Abu Dhabi

Malankara Orthodox TV said...

The message by Yuhanon on 'Vannavazikal" is very interesting to read. I support his stand and appeal that the Government of Kerala & specialy Malankara Sabah, that we should never forget their contibutions to the community. We should take special note of his points and make all necessary arrangements so that nobody will ever forget his "Vannavazikal". Special appretiation to Mr.Yuhanon for his vision and courages effort to come forward and enlighten millions around the globe through his valuable writings in this forum. I wish Mr.Yuhanon will share us more and keep us awakened till "LORD" come again for the final "JUDGEMENT".

Yours humble A small Kappa planter.

Malankara Orthodox TV said...

Dear Editor: One of my freind forward me this article. It was a very interesting Article, I recover my childhood, and it will help for others to open their eyes for the realities. My Hearlty appreciation to Mr. Yuhanon for selecting this subject.

Firoz Chalil
chalil house thiruvathra po 680516 chavakkad, trissur dist

Malankara Orthodox TV said...

"Vanna Vazhikal Marakelle" article by Yuhanon is very interesting to read, we expect such articles from him

Rajan Thomas Abu Dhabi

Malankara Orthodox TV said...

The story is super in meaning and presentation. It is well written, in simple but unique and meaningful style and manner. Sincere congratulations to the author and sincere thanks to Malankara Orthodox TV for the presentation. God bless everyone. Let more and more stories come from the Author in the near future. All the best.
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Malankara Orthodox TV said...

Exellent. This story took me years back to have the nostalgea. Thanks.

M.M. cherian
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manu kallara said...

rejichaayaa... kalakki..

we expect more articles related real life, like 'vanna vazhikal marakkalle...'

manu kallara

SPOK said...

i know pathrose achan. he truly seen god. godtold him to join with the puthencruz church and confess them. but there is no hope. Rambachan tried the best to step down the Thomas I from his self enthroned position. but he is not like david. but rambachan tried like nathan prophet. after his mission he is coming back to the world og God (devalokam)

george said...

We should take back i.C.Pathrose Rambachan. He is really a god man. It will be helpful for our spiritual revolution. Make a mission board named church return mission(CRM) under I.C.Pathrose Rambachan and visit the houses of the members of the church who had gone out from the church to pentacost and protestant. it will be helpful to return all to our mother church. his great experience will be fruitful.\
thank god